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Seminar Series

Seminar Series Spring 2020

Tuesdays 4 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. unless noted otherwise
Conference Room, Dealy E-530
Organizers: Andrew Simons, and Arunima Sinha

January 28
Olga Rud
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Portfolio choices and risk preferences using non-parametric tools: An experiment

February 25
Gisella Kagy
Vassar College
Gotta' Have Money to Make Money? Bargaining Behavior and Financial Need of Microentrepreneurs

March 10
Jason Barr
Rutgers University
Cities Without Skylines: Using Building-Height Gaps to Measure Land-Use Regulation Around the World

March 31
Rhiannon Jerch
Temple University
The Local Benefits of Federal Mandates: Evidence from the Clean Water Act

April 7
Sophia Gilbukh
CUNY Baruch
Paper title TBA

April 14
Sudipta Sarangi
Virginia Tech
Paper title TBA

April 17 (FRIDAY, Time TBA)
Abhijeet Singh
Stockholm School of Economics
Paper title TBA

April 28
Olga Shemyakina
Georgia Institute of Technology
Paper title TBA