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Chapter Four: Academic Freedom

§4-04.01 - University Commitment to Academic Freedom
An essential condition of education is the free and unhampered discovery and communication of the truth. Every member of the University community has the right and duty to participate freely in the lawful search for and communication of the truth. Each faculty member is free to adopt methods and techniques, and to communicate freely with the academic community and the public [see §4-04.02]. It is the policy of Fordham University to encourage full freedom of teaching, discussing, research and publication and to protect any member of the instructional staff, whether tenured or non-tenured, against pressures and influences from within and without the University which would restrict the exercise of academic freedom.

§4-04.02 - 1940 Statement of Principles of Academic Freedom and Tenure of A.A.U.P. and A.A.C.
Fordham University adopts as its own the 1940 Statement of Principles of Academic Freedom and Tenure of the American Association of University Professors and the Association of American Colleges (which is reproduced in Appendix 1), except as modified by §4-05.04(c)(2).