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Credit Assignment Policy

General University-Wide Credit Hour Policy

All Fordham University certificate and degree programs are approved by and registered with the New York State Education Department. With the exception of the School of Law, all Fordham credit hour calculations follow NYSED guidelines, which are based on the federal definition of credit hour as outlined above (See Commissioner’s Regulation Section NYCRR 50.1 (o)). This holds true for the traditional on-campus courses as well as for the online programs and courses offered by the various schools of the University. With the exception of the School of Law and the graduate division of the Gabelli School of Business, all 3-credit courses meet for three 50-minute hours of instruction per week per 15-week semester, exclusive of examination periods, or they meet for two 75-minute hours of instruction for the same time period, again exclusive of examination periods. The graduate division of the Gabelli School of Business operates on a trimester rather than a semester basis, and the Law School complies with the ABA Standards regarding credit hour assignment. GSAS course schedules vary from meeting one day per week to two or even three days per week. This schedule is dependent upon the subject matter and the intensity of the work load. (Courses scheduled once a week meet for 110, 120 or 150 minutes each with the appropriate out-of-class preparation time in keeping with the definition above. Depending upon the subject matter and intensity of the outside work load, the courses that meet twice a week do so in a range from 45 minutes to 180 minutes twice a week. Language courses that are scheduled twice a week meet for 75 minutes each class. Biological Sciences courses can meet for 120 or 180 minutes twice a week, depending upon the course of study. Courses scheduled for three meetings per week do so for 50 minutes each.)

The sole responsibility for all aspects of the curriculum and degree program requirements at Fordham University rests with the faculty of each school, and each school has its own standing faculty curriculum committee, which is charged with the review of proposed new and revised courses and degree and certificate programs, including the assignment of credit hours associated with each review. This includes the assignment of credit hours to laboratory work, internships, practica, studio work, student teaching, and other academic work leading to the award of credit hours, all of which is calculated according to the federal formula cited above, or, in the case of the Law School, according to the ABA Standards (See Credit Hour Assignment Policy for Graduate Division). The Fordham University Matriculated Student Status Certification form is used by all graduate and professional schools with the exception of the Graduate School of Education, which uses its own form of the Matriculation Student Status Form.

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