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Members of the University community should respond to the daily VitalCheck prompt at least 30 minutes prior to entering campus.

Examination Information

Exam Schedules

Scheduled Exams (occurs on a specific date and time)

Summer 2021

Fall 2021 


Windowed Exam Period

Summer 2021: 

  • Opens Wednesday, July 21, 9AM. Windowed examinations will be available on the Exam4 website ( at 9AM, unless professors have specified a different availability. 
  • Closes Monday, August 2, 9AM (NY Time): All windowed exams answers must be uploaded via the Exam4 website ( by 9AM or by the professor’s deadline, whichever comes first. 

Law School Registrar

Fordham University School of Law
Office of the Registrar

Tel: 212-636-6800