Fordham Law Course Evaluations

Dear Student,

Evaluations are conducted online; faculty do not see course evaluations until after they have submitted their semester grades, and evaluations are strictly anonymous. We expect and strongly encourage your participation in completing course evaluations. Hearing about your experience in the classroom is very valuable to your Professor, to the Faculty, to the Administration of the Law School, and to your fellow students:

  • Course evaluations are a useful tool for students selecting courses. Students have access to the numerical results, which are available online before students register for courses.
  • Your professors depend on constructive feedback from students when deciding whether and how to revise readings for the course, and whether to alter the type of assignments and pedagogical methods used in the course going forward.
  • The Law School utilizes these evaluations in its hiring, reappointment, and promotion decisions.
  • My office relies heavily on course evaluations in deciding which adjunct faculty to retain from year to year.

If you are in a course for which there is more than one professor, that course will appear once for each professor, so that you can evaluate them separately. Select each course for which you are registered, answer the questions, provide any written comments that you want for each question, and submit the evaluations. If you wish to omit any questions, you can do so. If you encounter any difficulty with the course evaluations, please contact the Law School Help Desk immediately at 212-636-6786 or [email protected].

I would again like to emphasize that professors do not have access to course evaluations until after they have completed their grading and turned in their grades and even then, they only receive anonymous results.

I hope that you have had a good semester and wish you good luck on your exams.


Joseph Landau
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


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