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Every year the Comparative Literature Program awards the Katie Fraser Prize for Excellence in Comparative Literature for a thesis written by a Comparative Literature major, and the Literary Studies Prize for Work in Comparative Literature for a thesis written by a Comparative Literature minor. Students present their final projects at the traditional end-of-year Senior Project Roundtable.

The Katie Fraser Prize is named after Katie Fraser, a 1989 graduate of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. She was an outstanding student in the Comparative Literature program. She was working toward a doctorate in Comparative Literature when she passed away in October 1993. This award is made in her honor.

Recipients of Comparative Literature awards include:
KFP - Katie Fraser Prize
LSP - Literary Studies Prize

2019 KFP - Kathryn Parker (FCLC), “Alterity and Empathy: Stream of Consciousness in the Works of Virginia Woolf and Agnès Varda”

2018 KFP - Marsh Porée (FCLC), “Dogs”

2017 KFP - Margaret Fisher (FCLC), “In the Room: Elephants as Complex and Uncooperative Tools of the Western Literary Tradition”

2016 KFP - Wallis Monday (FCLC), “How the West Was Wanting”

LSP - Matthew Schlesinger (FCRH), “Subject, Object, Citizen: Ugly Feelings and Resistance in Claudia Rankine’s American Lyric.”

2014 KFP - Pamela Zazzarino (FCRH), “Multilingual Texts: The Effects of French Language and Culture in Baldwin and Rhys.”

LSP - Xavier Griffiths (FCRH), “Beyond the Blood: Reexamining the Parallels Between Edgar Allan Poe and Akutagawa Ryunosuke.”

2013 KFP - Leila Nabizadeh (FCRH), “The Exodus of Language: Linguistic Diversity and Migration in Southeast Asian Literature.”

2011 KFP - William Brewer (FCLC), “William Blake in the Radical '90s: Body Politic(s) and Aesthetic Practice.”

2011 KFP - Mike Haskins (FCRH), “Negotiation and Subversion in Tsitsi Dangarembga's Nervous Conditions.”

2010 KFP - Elizabeth B. Walle (FCRH), “The Man Without Qualities: Questions of Truth and Self from Musil to Facebook.”

2009 KFP - Erin C. Rauch-Sasseen (FCRH), “Walter Benjamin's Playground or The City, Surrealism and Childhood Space: Passages and Thresholds in Benjamin, Breton and Cocteau.”

2008 KFP - Ashley K. Miller (FCRH), “Fragmentation and the Interrupted Narrative: Primo Levi, Art Spiegelman, and Distorted Memories of the Holocaust.”

2007 KFP - Gabrielle Barth (PCS), “Repairing Fragmentation: Reading Hysteria in Charcot and Freud.”

2006 KFP - Jenny Bobea (FCRH), “Literature and Politics: The Case of Joaquín Balaguer in the Dominican Republic.”

2006 LSP - Joseph Fanelli (FCRH), “The After-Shock of Shock: Bram Stocker's Dracula and Post-sensian Modernity.”

2003 KFP - Patricia G. Berry (FCLC), “Charlotte InSideOut: The Reordering of Boundaries in the Art of Charlotte Salomon.”

2003 KFP - Corey McAveneey (FCRH), “Pursuing Identity: The Satanic Verses as a Vampiric Intertext of Dracula.”

2002 KFP - Duane Loft (FCLC), “Imitating the Language of Subjectivity: Flaubert's Free Indirect Discourse.”

2002 KFP - Nanor Kenderian (FCLC), “Text as Territory: Armenian Diaspora Literature as Nation-Formation.”

2002 KFP - Stacy M. Torres (FCLC), “An Interdisciplinary Examination of Tourism in Cuba and the Problem of Cuban Identity.”

2001 KFP - Luz Figuereo (FCLC), “The Dominican Diaspora: Redefining National Icons.”

1999 KFP - Christina Lo (FCLC), “Migration and Negotiation: Emergence of the Subject in Happy Days, Uncle Sergio, Annie John, and Lucy.”

1999 KFP - Jeffrey Toohig (FCLC), “Remembering the Future, Imagining the Past: One Hundred Years of Solitude and Christopher Unborn as Historiographical Metafiction.”

1998 KFP - Antonio Barrenechea (FCLC), “To Tell the Tale: The Crisis of Representation in Slaughterhouse-Five.”

1998 KFP - Celia Blumm (FCLC)

1998 KFP - Jennifer L. Hersch (FCLC), “Sly Civility: Action Adventure Film as Colonial Discourse.”

1996 KFP - Elizabeth A. Read (FCLC)

1996 KFP - Patrick Reilly (FCLC)

1994 KFP - Deborah Smith Bernstein (FCLC)