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2021-22 Fordham Law Recruiting Guidelines

In December 2018, NALP eliminated its long-standing Principles and Standards for Law Placement and Recruitment Activities, replacing them with the new NALP Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruitment Process. Following that change, Fordham Law School adopted its own Recruiting Guidelines:

The overarching goal of the 2021-22 Fordham Law Recruiting Guidelines, including the 2021-22 Fordham Law Guidelines for the Timing of Offers and Decisions, is to foster and encourage communications between students and employers over the course of the recruiting process. In addition to following the specific provisions set forth below, students should keep employers informed, in a timely manner, about the status of their consideration of their offers, and employers should keep students informed, in a timely manner, as to the status of their candidacies.

2021-22 Fordham Law Recruiting Guidelines

  1. We expect employers to adhere to the 2021022 Fordham Law Guidelines for the Time of Offers and Decisions, a copy of which may be downloaded here.

  2. Employers that recruit at Fordham are required to affirm their agreement with Fordham Law's Non-Discrimination Policy (below).

  3. In addition, Fordham Law School students are expected to abide by the Fordham Law Professionalism Standards.