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Employment Statistics

Employment Information

I. Employment Statistics

II. On- Campus Employers

Employers who interviewed at Fordham Law during its 2021 Fall On-Campus Interview Program and 2022 Spring On-Campus Interview Program. This list does not include employers who participated in our Resume Collect Programs nor our online Job Bank.


III. Fordham Law Recruiting Opportunities

  1. Spring Recruiting Program
    Each year in February through Mid-March the CPC organizes a Spring Recruiting Program, which includes the Spring On-Campus Interview Program and the Spring Resume Collect Program.

    These programs primarily facilitate interviewing of first-year JD students. The predominant employers are from the public sector (government and public interest). The vast majority of first-year JD students spend their summer working in the public sector, interning with judges, at government agencies or public interest organizations. A small number of law firms and corporate legal departments also participate in this Program.
  2. Fall Recruiting Program
    This is the largest recruiting program held by the CPC each year. It includes Early Interview Week (early August), Fall Weeks (September through October), and the Fall Resume Collect Program.

    These programs facilitate interviewing of upper-division JD students for summer and permanent positions. Early Interview Week is primarily comprised of large law firms hiring for their summer associate programs. The Fall Weeks component welcomes mid-size firms, government agencies and public interest organizations.

    Fordham's Fall On-Campus Interview Program operates under a partial system, where employers select 60% of their interview schedule and the remaining 40% is determined by the Student Preference System.
  3. Fordham Law Job Bank
    The CPC hosts a proprietary and password protected Job Bank accessible to current students and alumni.
  4. Public Interest Legal Career Fair and Equal Justice Works Career Fair
    The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) coordinates Fordham Law students' participation in these two career fairs which feature government agencies and public interest organizations from around the country.
  5. Job Fairs
    There are numerous regional job fairs around the country about which the CPC disseminates information to students about participation.
  6. The CPC actively assists students in their job searches through individual counseling, career development programs, guides, and resources many of which are proprietary to Fordham Law School.

IV. The National Legal Market

  1. NALP the National Association of Legal Career Professionals
  2. ABA - LSAC

V. The Fordham Law Network

The Fordham Law School alumni network is exceptionally strong, active, and supportive. Made up of more than 17,000 individuals, our alumni comprise an extraordinary and diverse group of professionals throughout the world. They spearhead efforts that help advance Fordham Law’s mission and reputation, collaborate with fellow alumni and students, and engage the wider Fordham Law community. 

Visit the Office of Alumni Relations webpage for more information about the powerful Fordham Law Alumni Network and how it can work for you!