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About the Gender Equity and Title IX Office

Welcome to the website of the Gender Equity and Title IX Office. Fordham University fosters an educational experience that includes diversity and multicultural awareness. We celebrate the differences in individual backgrounds, intellectual approaches, and demographics, and place a premium on respect and inclusion in all aspects of University life.

Our office’s work focuses on ensuring the University complies with the University’s non-discrimination policy, including sexual misconduct, and the local, state, and federal laws and regulations related to sexual violence/harassment and compliance with Gender Equity and Title IX. Our office also provides training, education, and guidance to the University community. At Fordham, we aim to foster a safe, respectful, and discrimination-free environment for everyone. Our website links to the many University web pages that also promote diversity, respect, and inclusiveness.

Kareem Peat

Kareem Peat

Director of Gender Equity/Title IX Coordinator
Gender Equity and Title IX Office
Faculty Memorial Hall Room 212
Rose Hill Campus
Tel: 718-817-0181