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Classics and the Core

Latin Inscription

The Department participates actively in the Fordham College Core Curriculum.

Latin and Greek

Classes in Latin or Greek fulfill the Fordham College foreign language requirement.

  • The BA requirement may be fulfilled by completing language courses in Greek or Latin up to the 2001 level. This is a four semester sequence consisting of LATN or GREK 1001, 1002, 1501, and 2001.
  • Students with sufficient previous language training may be placed directly into the intermediate course (LATN or GREK 1501) or literature-level course (LATN or GREK 2001).

Civilization and History

  • HIST 1200-Introduction to Ancient History is a sophomore core area history course.
  • Courses in classical mythology, drama, and law are offered at the core enrichment level. CLAS 1210, CLAS 1240, and CLAS 1250 are core curriculum literature courses.