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Visual Arts Faculty and Staff

Visual Arts at Lincoln Center
Lowenstein, 423

Visual Arts at Rose Hill
Keating, B7

Director at Lincoln Center
Mark Street, Associate Professor, Film and Video

Director at Rose Hill
David Storey, Associate Professor, Painting

Department Secretary: Anne M. Clark,
Digital Media Specialist: Anibal Pella-Woo,
Gallery Director: Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock,


Stephan Apicella-Hitchcock
Artist in Residence (Photography)
M.F.A., Rhode Island School of Design

Patricia Belen
Visual Arts/New Media Artist-in-Residence (Graphic Design)
B.A., Barnard College

William B. Conlon (Emeritus)
Professor (Painting and Drawing)
M.F.A., Yale University

Amie Cunat
M.F.A., Cornell University
Visiting Assistant Professor of Visual Art (Painting and Drawing)
M.F.A., Cornell University

Abby Goldstein
Associate Professor (Graphic Design)
M.F.A., School of Visual Arts

Richard Kalina
Professor (Painting and Drawing)
B.A., University of Pennsylvania

Joseph Lawton
Associate Professor (Photography)
M.F.A., Yale University

Ross McLaren
Artist in Residence (Film and Video)
M.F.A., Ontario College of Art

Casey Ruble
Artist in Residence (Painting and Drawing)
M.F.A., Hunter College

Carleen Sheehan
Artist in Residence (Painting and Drawing)
MFA, Pratt Institute

David Storey
Associate Professor (Painting and Drawing)
M.F.A., University of California, Davis

Mark Street
Associate Professor (Film and Video)
M.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute

Adjunct Faculty

Paolo Arao
B.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University

Cecil Bakalor
M.A., New York University

Gabe Brown
M.F.A., University of California, Davis

Douglas Clouse
M.A., Bard, Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture

Vojislava Cordes
Ph.D., Columbia University

Dickson D. Despommier
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Mark Gordon
M.A., Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Jessica Green
B.F.A., Pratt Institute

Patrice Aphrodite Helmar
M.F.A., Columbia University

Susan Jainchill
M.A., Columbia University

Amanda L. Katz
B.F.A., New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

Cathy Lebowitz
M.F.A., The New School: A University in New York City

Joseph Michael Lopez
M.F.A., Columbia University

Lois Martin
M.F.A., Brooklyn College

Oscar Oliver-Didier
M.A., Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Anibal Pella-Woo
M.F.A., Columbia University School of Arts

Kimberly Reinhardt
B.F.A., The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Vincent Stracquadanio
M.F.A., Yale University

Alexandra Strada
M.F.A., Columbia University

Carlos Tejada
B.A., The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Elisabeth Tiso
A.B.D., CUNY Graduate Center

Lesley Wamsley
M.F.A., SUNY New Paltz

Denisha Williams
M.A., History of Art, University of Texas, Austin

Daniel Willner
M.F.A., Columbia University

Denise Wolff
M.A., University of Maryland