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Changes to Spring Academic Calendar Fordham is modifying its academic calendar in anticipation of a national resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic this winter. Full Details

O'Connell Initiative

O’Connell Initiative on the Global History of Capitalism

The O’Connell Initiative for the Global History of Capitalism is a forum for intellectual exploration. It brings together scholars of every aspect of capitalism, from its earliest medieval manifestations to its twenty-first-century consequences across the globe. It supports groundbreaking research and teaching on global capitalism and engages with the public through lectures, debates, and workshops.

The O’Connell Initiative in the Global History of Capitalism is supported by generous gifts from Fordham alumnus Robert J. O’Connell, FCRH '65.

Join us on December 3rd at 5:30 pm (EST) when speaker, Dr. Paul Ramírez, Associate Professor of History and Religious Studies at Northwestern, will offer a historian’s reflections on the impact and significance of past epidemics in light of the current COVID crisis. How have communities in Latin America overcome outbreaks? Does the past have lessons for us now? In undertaking these inquiries, we will address medical science, the role of religious communities, and history, or the act of storytelling. His book Enlightened Immunity: Mexico's Experiments with Disease Prevention in the Age of Reason (Stanford University Press, 2018) examines the rituals, genres, and technologies that accompanied the adoption of a public health policy in late-colonial Mexico.   Register here for the virtual event.

O'Connell December 3 Event


On November 12th,  Dr. Claire Gherini, and graduate students, Giulia Crisanti and Amanda Racine,  presented a talk at an informal lunch dedicated to their research and writing work that was supported by the O'Connell Initiative. This event was sponsored by the History Department.