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Peace and Justice Studies

A Diversity and Conflict Resolution Program

Social Innovation Diversity

Who speaks for peace, justice, and diversity in our contemporary world of national, cultural, religious, racial and gender differences and conflict?

With a minor degree in peace and justice studies at Fordham, you can, addressing the most central issues of our day.

Interdisciplinary Courses

Courses in the humanities and the social sciences provide you with a broad knowledge of social justice issues covering topics of war, terrorism, colonialism, poverty, religious conflict, human rights, multiculturalism, humanitarianism, economic and environmental justice, race and gender equality, and conflict resolution and peacemaking.

Experiential Learning

You will pursue experiential service learning through volunteer work, internships, and co-curricular projects in Fordham programs such as the Center for Community Engaged Learning, Multicultural Affairs, Global Outreach, United Nations Academic Impact, Study Abroad, and the Social Innovation Collaboratory.

Fordham Mission and Tradition

You will join a program which has served Fordham’s Jesuit mission of peace, justice, and diversity for four decades. The program was first inspired by liberation theology, the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, and philosophies of nonviolence and citizen activism. Today the program also encompasses global justice issues inspired by the international human rights movement and shaped by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

A Distinctive Professional Profile

The peace and justice minor makes your professional profile distinctive, and sets you apart, whether your career goals are in government, NGOs, law, business, education, healthcare, community development, or religious organizations.

Declaring the Minor

Complete the minor/major declaration form and submit it to the program director.


John van Buren, Program Director, Rose Hill and Lincoln Center
Collins Hall 111,

Jeanne Flavin, Associate Director at Lincoln Center
Dealy Hall 408C,

Samuel Muli Peleg, Study Abroad Coordinator