Peace and Justice Studies

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The Peace and Justice program has served the University mission for nearly three decades by focusing students in any major on ideals of social justice and training students in methods of conflict prevention and peacemaking. The program was first inspired by liberation theology, the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, and philosophies of nonviolence and citizen activism. Today the program also encompasses global justice issues inspired by the international human rights movement and shaped by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for poverty relief.

In keeping with Jesuit, ideals, Fordham's Peace and Justice minor provides a foundation any area of work or further study requiring a broad knowledge of social justice issues, including colonial history, causes of poverty and corruption in developing nations, major causes of conflict such as mass atrocities and other human rights violations, race relations in American history, and gender inequities. Courses counting towards the minor are offered at both LC and RH campuses.

Whatever your major, this minor helps make your profile distinctive, giving you a perspective lacking in narrower curricula. For example, a Business major combined with Peace and Justice minor indicates an interest in socially responsible business practices that help reduce causes of conflict. A Political Science major combined with Peace and Justice minor communicates suggests a focus on conflict prevention, post-conflict reconciliation, and the effects of wars on international relations. Many similar combinations are possible allowing the minor to enhance and supplement your studies in your chosen major.


To declare the minor, download the minor/major declaration form, fill it out, save it on your hard drive, and attach it to an email to the program director John Davenport (Prof. of Philosophy) at Or print it and send it to Davenport in Collins Hall 125 RH.

Rose Hill

John van Buren, Program Director
Collins Hall 111,

Lincoln Center

Samuel Muli Peleg, Visiting Lecturer and Coordinator for Peace and Justice