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Academic Directory

Other University Offices

Academic Records

Anna Ponterosso
University Registrar
TH (Third Floor) | x3913 |

Rose Hill
Gene Fein
Assistant Vice President of Academic Services
TH (Third Floor) | x3905 |

Lincoln Center
Anastasia Pappas
Senior Assistant Director of Academic Records
LL 215 | x6733 |

Mara Saumell
Associate Director of Academic Records
LL 251 | x7717 |

Jessica Giglio
Enrollment Services Representative
Westchester Lobby | x3201 |

Admission Office

Rose Hill and Lincoln Center
John Buckley
Vice President for Admission and Student Financial Services
DU 206 | x3707 |

Patricia Peek
Dean of Undergraduate Admission
DU 2nd Floor | x3706 |

Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies
Debbie Lesperance
Director - Admission and Recruitment
KE 118 | x4600
LL 301 | x7333
WC 206 | x3303

Glen Redpath
Associate Director of Admission, Lincoln Center
LL 301 | x7333 |

Campion Institute: Office of Prestigious Fellowships

Lorna Ronald
Rose Hill
TH 108 | x2773
Lincoln Center
MAR 716 | x7634 |

Campus Ministry

Jose Luis Salazar, SJ
Executive Director
MCG 104 | x3450 |

Rose Hill
Carol Gibney
Associate Director of Campus Ministry at Rose Hill
MCG 106 | x1272

Lincoln Center
Erin Hoffman
Associate Director of Campus Ministry
140W 62nd St. | x6318, x4518 |

Joan Cavanagh
Director of Campus Ministry
WC 133 | x3420 |

Career Services

Rose Hill
Annette McLaughlin
MCG 224 | x4356 |

Lincoln Center
Holly Young
Associate Director
140W, G49 | x6285 |

Counseling and Psychological Services

Jeffrey Ng

Rose Hill
OH Basement | x3736

Lincoln Center
140W, G02 | x6225

Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

Rose Hill
Michael Molina
CO 303 | x3266 |

Lincoln Center
Renaldo Alba
Associate Director
LL 1115E | x7122 |

Disability Services

Mary Byrnes

Rose Hill
OH Lower Level | x0655

Lincoln Center
LL 408D | x6282

Faculty Senate

John Drummond
CO 123 | x3332 |

Faculty Technology Center

Rose Hill
Keating B-27A | x2289 |

Lincoln Center
LL 416 | x7788 |

Faculty Technology Services

Alan Cafferkey
KE B27A | x2289 |

Robert Blanchette
ITAC Technical Manager and Fordham IT Liason for Media Services
Main Building Room 218 | x3349 |

Financial Aid

Brian Ghanoo
Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Services and Director
TH 208 | x3994 |

Rose Hill (all campuses)
Christine Engongoro
Campus Director/Student Financial Services
TH 206 | x3800 |

Lincoln Center (all campuses)
James Cirillo
Campus Director/Student Financial Services
TH 207 | x6040 |

Global Outreach

Julie Gafney
Executive Director, Center for Community Engaged Learning
Rose Hill
MCG 205C | x0806
Lincoln Center
LL 217 | x7464 |

Director of Campus and Community Leadership
Rose Hill
MCG 205B | x4510
Lincoln Center
LL 217B | x7464 |

Health Center

Maureen Keown
Director of University Health Service

Rose Hill
OH Lower Level | x4160, x4166

Lincoln Center
140W G-16 | x7160 |

Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

Rose Hill
Biswa Bhowmick
Interim Director
FR 102 | x4206 |

Lincoln Center
Elena Vranich
LL 803 | x6238 |

Human Resources

General Information
Gulay Siouzios
Manager of Labor-Employee Relations
FMH 506 | x3897 |

Michael Hayes
Payroll Manager
FMH 519B | x4948 |

ID/Print Shop

Rose Hill
Fernando Ospina
Duplicating, ID and Mailing Services Manager
FMH 129 | x4920 |

Lincoln Center
Brian Daly
Duplicating and ID Services Manager
LL 128A | x6048 |

Jason Padilla
Duplicating and ID Services Manager
Room G13 | x3045 |

Institute of American Language and Culture

James Stabler-Havener
MAR 319 | x7994 |

Amy Evans
Associate Director
MAR 317 | x7969 |

Instructional Technology/Academic Computing

Fleurin Eshghi
Associate Vice President
LL 420 | x7822
DE 118 | x4687

International and Study Abroad Programs

Joseph Rienti

Rose Hill
Walsh Library 039 | x4924

Lincoln Center
MAR 315C | x7135

Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance

Kareem Peat
Title IX Coordinator
CH 114 | x3112 |

Office for International Programs

Salvatore Longarino

Rose Hill
540 East 191st St. | x3145

Lincoln Center
MAR Third Floor | x6270

Office of Legal Counsel

Margaret Ball
Interim General Counsel
CH 111 | x3010 |

Library Information

Linda LoSchiavo
Director of Libraries
Walsh Library 219 | x3572 |

Rose Hill
Walsh Library | x3570

John D'Angelo
Access/Circulation | x5109 |

Charlotte Labbé
Interlibrary Loan | x3510 |

Reference | x3586 |

Lincoln Center
Quinn Library | x6050

Nicholas Alongi
Access/Circulation | x6062 |

Reference | x6050 |

Campus Library | x3061 |

Media Services

Rose Hill
Francis Katai
Associate Director of Teaching and Learning Environment
KE B27 | x4172 |

Nick Terzulli
Technical Assistant
KE B27 | x1197 |

Lincoln Center
Rien Chy
Audio Visual Conference Technology Manager
LL 418 | x7989 |

Office of Research

George Hong
Chief Research Officer and Vice President for Academic Affairs
CH 219 | x0029 |

Tihana Abiala
Budgets and Operations Manager and Research Initiatives Officer
CO BA33 | x0028 |

Alessandra Cirillo
Research Support Associate
CO BA34 | x0027 |

David Heston
Program Coordinator
CH 219 | x0028 |

German Cavelier
Grant Advisor
347-255-6249 |

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Michelle Kuchera
CO B31 | x0876 |

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
Kris Wolff
Director for the Office of Sponsored Programs
CA First Floor | x4086 |

Celinett Rodriguez
Grants Officer, Social Sciences
CA First Floor | x0850 |

Beth Torres
Grants Officer, Humanities
CA First Floor | x0861 |

Roger Nuguid
Grant and Contract Administrator
CA First Floor | x4651 |

Residential Life

Rose Hill
Charles Clency
Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life
LO Basement | x3080 |

Lincoln Center
Jenifer Campbell
Senior Director
MRH 108 | x7100 |

Public Safety Department (all campuses)

John Carroll
Associate Vice President
TH Annex | x4080 |

Rose Hill
Robert Fitzer
TH Annex | x0667 |

Lincoln Center
Robert Dineen
LL SL04 | x7610 |

Robert Fitzer
WC 143 | x3001 |

In the event of an Emergency
Rose Hill | x2222
Lincoln Center | x6075
Westchester | x3333

Student Employment

Bernadette Sutton
Senior Assistant Director
TH 112B | x3820 |

Student Life

Rose Hill
Christopher Rodgers
Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students
MCG 242 | x4755 |

Lincoln Center
Jenifer Campbell
Dean of Students
LL 408D | x6250 |

Summer Session

Rose Hill
Tara Czechowski
Summer Dean and Dean for Special Programs for PCS
KE 315 | x4688 |

Lincoln Center
John Bach
Coordinator and Associate Dean for PCS
LL 301 | x7188 |

Academic Talent Search

Jorge Martinez-Santiago
Director/TRIO Programs Academic Talent Search
FMH 201 | x4823 |

Westchester Operations Administration

Grant Grastorf
Academic Operations Administrator
WC 147 | x3202 |