Undergraduate Faculty Handbook

Faculty Responsibilities (University Statutes §4-03.01)

1. Course Enrollment

1.1 Registration
1.2 Required Reporting

2. Classes and Exams

2.1 The Syllabus
2.2 Academic Calendar
2.3 Student Attendance
2.4 Activity Period
2.5 Midterm Exams and Assistance to At-Risk Students
2.6 Reading Days
2.7 Final Examinations
2.8 Absence from Final Examinations
2.9 Postponement of Examinations
2.10 Proctoring Examinations
2.11 Students’ Evaluation of Educational Quality

3. Grades

3.1 Due Dates for Final Grades
3.2 Grading System

3.3 Change of Grade

4. The Undergraduate Policy on Academic Integrity

5. Procedure for Appealing a Course Grade

6. Faculty Advising

6.1 A Commitment to Advising
6.2 Advising in the Classroom
6.3 Faculty Advisers

7. Planning for Classes: Policies and Resources

7.1 Books
7.2 Classroom Use
7.3 Class Time

7.4 Expectations and Suggestions

7.5 Information Technology Resources for Teaching
7.6 Community Engaged Learning

8. Supporting Student Success

8.1 Counseling and Psychological Services
8.2 Office of Disability Services
8.3 The Writing Center
8.4 College and Departmental Tutoring Services
8.5 Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)
8.6 Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)
8.7 Academic Advising for Student-Athletes
8.8 The Campion Institute
8.9 International Programs

8.10 Career Services

9. Funding

9.1 Funds for Classroom Activities

9.2 The Office of Research

9.3 Academic Computing Environment
9.4 Travel to Professional Meetings
9.5 Professional Development Funds for Adjuncts and Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty

10. University Policies

10.1 Non-Discrimination Policy
10.2 Statement on Academic Rights and Responsibilities
10.3 Affirmative Action Policy
10.4 Policy on Sexual Harassment
10.5 Education Records Policy
10.6 Services for Students with Disabilities
10.7 Weather-Related Cancellations
10.8 What To Do in an Emergency: The Emergency Management Plan

II. Key to Building Abbreviations

Rose Hill
Lincoln Center

III. Academic Directory

Departments and Areas of Study
Interdisciplinary and Special Programs
Other University Offices