Faculty Responsibilities

Appointment as a faculty member is a contract for full-time engagement in faculty responsibilities during the academic year. Responsibilities of the faculty include the following:

  1. Satisfactory fulfillment of teaching duties in assigned courses or their equivalents;
  2. Observance of academic regulations concerning the holding of classes, examinations, grades, etc.;
  3. The preparation, proctoring, and grading of student examinations;
  4. The direction, reading, and evaluation of student papers, reports, theses, and dissertations, where such has been the practice in the school, division, or department;
  5. Academic counseling and guidance of students (a faculty member is expected to maintain scheduled office hours as required and be familiar with academic regulations and the curriculum of the school);
  6. Involvement in significant scholarly research;
  7. Scholarly publication;
  8. Participation in learned societies and professional organizations;
  9. Participation in University, school, division, and department meetings, convocations, and commencements;
  10. Service on committees (see University Statutes ยง4-06);
  11. Cooperation in the observance of University regulations.

Please note that adjunct faculty, clinical faculty, and graduate student instructors are responsible for #1-5 and 11. This may include work after the end of the semester, e.g. grading for removal of INC or ABS grades, grade appeals, etc.