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About Continuous University Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is most effective when it is an ongoing collaborative process that continuously examines and responds to an institution’s changing internal and external environments. This website describes the means by which strategic planning will proceed at Fordham during the three years from FY 2016 through FY 2018 and beyond.

The planning process is known as CUSP: Continuous University Strategic Planning. Guided by the advice and counsel of the Board of Trustees Strategy Committee, two primary University bodies advance and coordinate the planning process internally, ensuring it is collaborative, advances the priorities of the University’s Strategic Framework, and aligns with Fordham’s established governance and resource-allocation processes. These two bodies are the CUSP Committee (CUSP) and the President’s Advisory Council (PAC).

Some details concerning the planning process will evolve over time. Already, a culture of collaborative strategic thinking is emerging more strongly at Fordham, both in the ways in which the development of the Strategic Framework has sparked conversations within units and in the ways in which institutional leaders are coming together to address University-wide priorities and challenges. Many local units are already embracing the priorities articulated in the Strategic Framework and using them as catalysts for reflection, planning, and change. As our culture of continuous planning continues to emerge, specific operational practices and organizational structures may develop to support the planning work. In addition, as the scope of initiatives becomes more extensive, building on the outcomes of early efforts, timing and review processes may change accordingly.