Strategic Planning for 2030

Fordham is engaged in developing its next strategic plan, which aims to chart the University’s course for 2030.

Driven by inspired innovation and the need to be a more nimble organization, we will better utilize our governance structures, forge more efficient data-informed processes and systems, and integrate institutional planning efforts to respond to and anticipate a fast-changing world. 

Submit Your Ideas to Shape Fordham's Vision for 2030

Areas of Focus

  • Meaningful Opportunity encompasses our commitment to expanding access to a transformative Fordham educational experience grounded in our Jesuit values.

    How might we increase access and affordability to attract and support the widest possible range of students; end racial, class, and other disparities in our educational outcomes; and give our students more of the resources they need to pursue their dreams and lead meaningful, purpose-driven lives?

  • Transformative Learning centers on our promise to teach and inspire our students to be thoughtful, creative, responsible citizens in their communities and the world. 

    How can we build on the strength of our academic programs, the richness of our co-curricular experiences, and our culture of caring to prepare students to keep pace with rapid, unimaginable change? How can we help students become ambitious, relentless learners and leaders who rise to meet new challenges, embrace opportunities, and make an impact in their community?

  • Research That Matters highlights the need for Fordham to leverage its significant research strengths to address matters of great consequence to the human family.

    How can Fordham’s faculty work together to improve the human condition, promote justice, and protect the planet? How can we make distinctive contributions to solving some of the world’s most urgent and vexing problems—from protecting democracy to tackling climate change and responsibly harnessing artificial intelligence?