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Strategic Planning Timeline

Progress to Date

During the “foundational” 2015–2016 academic year, Fordham accomplished the following objectives:

  1. Established a Continuous Strategic Planning Committee (CUSP) to guide new planning initiatives.
  2. Prepared a Strategic Framework setting high-level University priorities and goals and articulated principles to guide local strategic planning by each of the University’s schools and major administrative units.
  3. Engaged the full University community in crafting the Framework, reviewing its structure, content, and approach, and initiating local conversations and activities to advance the priorities.
  4. Announced a new approach to integrate strategic planning with budget planning and conducted meetings with deans and vice presidents.

In addition, already in the second year of the three-year planning process, the following activities have been completed:

  1. Delineated specific goals and initiatives for local units guided by and aligned with the Strategic Framework.
  2. Appointed the “second generation” CUSP Committee. Formulated and distributed guidelines for planning processes in the schools and administrative divisions.
  3. Received the report of the Diversity Task Force and convened PAC to advise the President on responses to its recommendations.
  4. Appointed local planning groups, the work of which in many cases is underway.

Upcoming Initiatives