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Jewish Studies Faculty

Orit Avishai (Sociology/Women’s Studies, Rose Hill), gender, sexuality, marriage, education, Jewish Orthodoxy

Edward Bristow (History, Lincoln Center), modern Europe, Holocaust and genocide, interfaith dialogue, antisemitism

Doron Ben-Atar (History, Lincoln Center), US history, history of sexuality, the US in the Middle East, modern Israel, antisemitism

Itay Eisinger (Modern Languages and Literatures, Rose Hill), modern Hebrew literature, Israeli culture

Ayala Fader (Anthropology, Lincoln Center), Jewish ethnography, religion, language and culture, gender, childhood, urban anthropology

Emanuel Fiano (Theology, Rose Hill), Syriac Christianity, late ancient intellectual history, Jewish-Christian relations, history and historigraphy of Jewish, Judaizing, and Semitic Christianities

Anne Golomb Hoffman (English, Lincoln Center), modern Hebrew and Jewish literature, psychoanalytic and feminist theory; gender studies; narratology and the late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century novel

Karina Hogan (Theology, Lincoln Center), Hebrew Bible and Second Temple period Judaism, especially wisdom and apocalyptic literature, and early biblical interpretation

Sarit Kattan Gribetz (Theology, Rose Hill), ancient Judaism, rabbinic literature, time and calendars, women and gender, religious polemics, Jewish-Christian relations

Russell Pearce (Fordham Law), legal profession, legal ethics, ethics and culture, Jewish legal ethics, interreligious dialogue

Nina Rowe (Art History, Rose Hill), medieval art, illuminated manuscripts, medievalism, historiography, Jewish-Christian relations in the Middle Ages

Daniel Soyer (History, Rose Hill), modern Jewish history, American immigration, American Jewish history

Magda Teter (History, Rose Hill/Lincoln Center), medieval and early modern Jewish history, Jewish-Christian relations, early modern Europe, eastern Europe

Affiliated Faculty

Julita Haber (Gabelli School of Business), organizational behavior and impressions of competency

Eve Keller (English, and Honors Program), Literature, science, and medicine of early modern England, Milton, body studies