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MLL Highlights of Faculty Research

Recent publications:

Carl Fischer

“Animal Suffering and/as Discourse in 1960s Latin American Cinema.” Studies in Hispanic and Latin American Cinemas 15.3 (2018): 311-329.

Queering the Chilean Way: Cultures of Exceptionalism and Sexual Dissidence1965-2015. New York: Palgrave Macmillan Press (New Directions in Latin/o American Cultures Series), 2016.

Javier Jiménez Belmonte

Estetizar el exceso: Cleopatra en la cultura hispánica medieval y del Siglo de Oro. Woodgridge, UK: Boydell & Brewer / Támesis Books, 2018. 

Getting the Blues: Vision and Cognition in the Middle Ages. New York: Peter Lang, 2018.

Lise Schreier

Congratulations to Dr Lise Schreier who was granted a prestigious NEH Fellowship in 2016-2017 to study the practice of child-gifting in 18th- and 19th-century France:

Gens de couleur dans trois vaudevilles du dix-neuvième siècle: Joseph Aude et J. H. d’Egville, Les Deux Colons, Clairville et Paul Siraudin, Malheureux comme un nègre, Duvert et Lauzanne, La Fin d’une République, ou Haïti en 1849, Paris: L’Harmattan: 2016.