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Monthly Procedure for Outstanding Checks

The following table describes the General Accounting procedures for outstanding checks:

  1. An Accountant in the Controller's Office determines which checks are outstanding.

  2. If the check amount is $100 or more, send ONE letter, to the payee requesting that the outstanding check be cashed:

    Copies of these letters are to be kept on file as proof that a formal communication was made with the respective payee.

  3. If the payee responds by requesting a replacement check, General Accounting will follow the procedure to stop payment on the old check (as discussed in the Forged Check Replacements section, and will notify the Cashier's function of the Enrollment Services Group or Accounts Payable to prepare a Check Request for a replacement check.

    If the payee does not respond and the check remains outstanding, General Accounting will revise per abandoned property requirements.