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Chemistry Tutoring

Chemistry tutoring for General and Organic Chemistry is available to all Fordham students free of charge via the Knack Platform.

To get started, register for a Knack account at

  1. After registering with your Fordham login information, you will receive an email to access your account.
  2. Access your account and select the option to request a tutor
  3. Find the correct course by entering the course information (course number or course name, i.e., General Chemistry).
  4. Choose your modality (online, in person, or either).
  5. Provide information about the chapters and/or topics to discuss with the tutor.
  6. Click the "Request Tutor" button to view tutoring options.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you come prepared with specific questions. We also request that you DO NOT bring your online graded homework with you. You may ask specific questions related to those types of problems, but completing graded assignements with the help of a tutor goes against your academic intergrity pledge.

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