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Steps in a Local Strategic Planning Process

Some of Fordham’s academic and administrative units have undertaken strategic planning regularly in past years; others are new to it. Some have recently prepared strategic plans, others have plans completed several years ago that could use refreshing, while others are beginning this process with a blank slate.

As a result, not all of these steps and suggestions will be relevant to everyone. Specific activities can vary, based on the your area’s needs, expectations, culture, and timeline, and you should feel free to pick and choose as you see fit.

Getting Started
Information Gathering
Drafting the Plan
Developing Metrics and Monitoring

Communication Throughout the Process

In addition to seeking the Fordham community's input, the strategic planning committee (SPC) should ensure that the community receives ongoing information about the unit’s strategic planning process and the emerging strategic plan.

Because Fordham’s planning process values interaction and collaboration across traditional university boundaries, each local unit should consider how to use the communications methods described to share information and obtain input, selectively, from other local planning units.