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Obtaining Community Input

It is important to engage the unit’s stakeholders—both inside and outside the unit—throughout the planning process, and there are a wide variety of formats and forums through which to engage them:

  • Listening sessions for specific stakeholder groups that provide opportunities for the Fordham community to discuss concerns frankly among their peers; and
  • Open sessions cutting across different stakeholder groups, enabling the participants to hear concerns of individuals very different from themselves.
  • Sessions at established bodies and meetings (e.g., council of department heads, college student association, dean’s advisory group, alumni council, etc.
  • Also, planning retreats, town hall meetings, brown bag lunches, and individual interviews

It is helpful also to provide diverse avenues for electronic input and participation via email, the web, or social media. In addition, consider avenues that will allow a participant to submit feedback anonymously, such as via an electronic form.

Communication Throughout the Process

In addition to seeking community input, the community should receive ongoing information about the unit’s strategic planning process and the emerging strategic plan through regular communications. And because our planning process emphasizes interaction and collaboration across traditional university boundaries, also consider how to share information and obtain input from other local planning units.