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Constitutional History Workshops

Spring 2017

Contact Professor Jed Shugerman for inquires.

Jan. 26

Andrew Kent, "Jury and Empire," and Tom Lee (The Original Meaning of the “Natural Born Citizen” Requirement for President")

Feb. 2

Saul Cornell and Nick Johnson on Originalism(s)

Feb. 9

Robert Kaczorowski, "Inherent National Sovereignty Constitutionalism: An Original Understanding of the U.S. Constitution"

Feb. 16

Jed Shugerman, "Earl Warren, the Japanese Internment, and the 1942 Governors' Race"

March 2

David Rabban, Texas/Princeton LAPA on academic freedom and the First Amendment

March 9

Nicole Eustace, NYU History, "Constituting Feeling in Black and White Publius and the Political Economy of Emotion in the United States"

March 23

Marty Flaherty and Judge Willy Mutunga

March 30

Annette Gordon-Reed (Harvard) and Peter Onuf (Virginia), "'Most Blessed of the Patriarchs': Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination"

April 6

William Nelson NYU Law

April 20

Guy-Uriel Charles Duke Law, on the Voting Rights Act