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Constitutional History Workshops

Fall 2021

Wednesdays 2 PM to 4 PM, Room 4-09

Contact Professor Jed Shugerman and Cornell for inquires.

September 1

Sanjukta Paul (Wayne St., visiting Fordham), “Reconsidering Judicial Supremacy in Antitrust Law,” Yale L.J. (forthcoming 2022)

September 22

Saul Cornell (Fordham), “The Long Arc of Firearms Regulation in Public: From Surety to Permitting, 1328-2018,” and “The Right to Regulate Arms in the Era of the Fourteenth Amendment”

September 29

Julie Suk (Fordham), Book manuscript, “Misogyny Without Misogynists: How the Law Fails Women, and What To Do About It.” (Chapter on the history of constitutional protections for motherhood in Germany, France, Italy and Ireland 1918-1949; the forgotten feminist legacy of Prohibition and the 18th Amendment)

October 6

Jed Shugerman, “Vesting,” Stanford L.Rev. (forthcoming 2022) and “The Decisions of 1789 Were Anti-Unitary”

October 20

Maggie Blackhawk (NYU), selections of book building on "Federal Indian Law as Paradigm Within Public Law," 132 Harv. L. Rev. 1787 (2019)

October 27

Maeve Glass (Columbia), “These United States: A History of the Fracturing of America”

November 3

Mike Klarman (Harvard), selections from The Framers’ Coup and Harv. L. Rev. Foreword/testimony to the judicial reform commission “The Degradation of American Democracy—and the Court.” 

November 10

Wilfrid Codrington (Brooklyn) The People’s Constitution: 200 Years, 27 Amendments, and the Promise of a More Perfect Union (The New Press 2021)