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Key Points for Department Chairs

Academic Travel

  • reimbursement of expenses is not provided simply for attendance, and is reserved for tenured and tenure-track faculty presenting and on the program.
  • faculty with discretionary funds, start-up allowances or external grants should use those sources before the department’s travel funds.
  • meals are reimbursed only at actual cost, supported by receipts, NOT per diem, even though the Travel and Expense reimbursement form has information on using per diem rates; this is a Dean of A&S Faculty policy.
  • all travel receipts are to be processed within 30 days of the conclusion of travel.
  • the cost of plane/train tickets is reimbursable before travel takes place when purchased at a favorable price through the internet and submitted at least 10 days before departure; Omega Travel charges a service fee, and they are not able to get special internet fares.

Personnel Committee Decisions

  • reappointment, tenure and promotion applications can be generated as Word documents from the Faculty Activity Report system.
  • the Dean of Faculty prefers that personnel materials, with the exception of what must be submitted on paper, be transferred to him electronically – if not everything, then at least the applicant material and SEEQ reports.  There are several secure systems that may be used for this.  In keeping information electronically, it is most important that the applicant have NO ACCESS to any information after s/he has submitted the application materials. 
  • faculty recommendations are to be sent to the Dean of Faculty’s Office within one week of the personnel committee meeting; attendance list to be sent the next day.
  • all paperwork that requires a signature should be signed in blue ink on paper, and the paper copy sent to the Dean of Faculty’s Office.
  • a report on teaching (SEEQs and/or peer-review of classes) is to be sent to the Dean of Faculty for anyone, tenure-track or non-tenure-track, who is has taught at Fordham and for which a personnel decision is being made.

Faculty Searches

  • all searches require a pre-approved plan for advertising, recruitment travel, and candidate campus visits.  Costs not pre-approved will be returned to department budgets.
  • all recruitment expenses are sent to the Dean of Faculty’s Office, and must be supported by receipts; moving expenses are sent to Rebeca Velazquez in the Provost’s Office.

Faculty Fellowships

  • if awarded a one-semester faculty fellowship, the faculty member will teach three (3) courses in the semester here at Fordham.
  • to change the terms of a Faculty Fellowship, the awardee needs to notify the Department Chair in writing.  If the Chair approves, s/he will send it on to the Dean of Faculty.  From there it is submitted for approval to the Provost’s Office and, if successful, the recommendations are sent to the Office of Research for final approval.  The Office of Research will issue a letter either denying or granting the change in the term.

Internal Funding

  • no faculty member will be reimbursed if s/he personally pays for a visitor’s hotel or airfare.  Hotel expenses at certain specific hotels may be charged directly to Fordham; otherwise, all travel expenses for a visitor must be paid by the visitor and will be reimbursed.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Dean’s Office before making any arrangements.
  • reimbursing a foreign national’s expenses is a much simpler process than giving an honorarium.  In addition to the extra paperwork, the IRS deducts 30% of the honorarium given to a foreign national who doesn’t have a U.S. social security number, and also charges the University a $50 penalty.