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Economics Internships

Why Have an Internship?

  • Integrate academic work with practical applications
  • Provides excellent training and offers the student the opportunity to sample different occupations, thus helping to consolidate goals for future employment and education
  • Recommendations from intern supervisors are often critical for future employment, and many internships can lead to employment within the given firm

Finding an Internship

  1. Register on The Office of Career Planning and Placement has detailed instructions, as do Dr. Burke.
  2. Upload your resume to Monstertrak. Make sure that the Office of Career Planning and Placement has reviewed your resume.
  3. Check Search Jobs & Internships on Monstertrak
  4. View Career Planning & Placement Events so that you know what companies are visiting the campus.
  5. Use Monstertrak to contact alumni for information interviews and check the Alumni Directory, Undergraduate Program in Economics. Dr. Burke has a copy.
  6. Become a member of the Economic Society and attend their events when alumni are invited back to speak.
  7. Remember that a strong GPA is the most important facet in obtaining your desired employment and education goals.

Summer, Spring or Fall? How Many Hours? For Credit or Pay?

  • During the school year, many students work one day a week for eight hours, while summer internships often require 40-50 hours per week
  • Many summer internships develop into school year internships, and vice-versa
  • Companies that do not pay often require that the student receives academic credit for the internship
  • The department can arrange for a one-credit internship
  • In the senior year, the student may take the Internship Seminar, which offers the student four credits towards the major for his/her internship
  • The department encourages internships in the junior and senior years.

What Type of Internship?

Below is a sample of internships recently held by our majors.

A.G Edwards & Sons, Investments/Brokerage
Research responsibilities, created Excel sheets, spoke with brokers from other firms, assisted with prospective clients, office duties. Fall and spring

Army Science Board, Army Acquisition Corps
Established a movement plan for Acquisition Corps officers and NCOs (non-commissioned officers) through the continental and non-continental United States, for the movement from a division-centric army to the new plan of UEy and UEx with the Brigade-Centric Units. Summer

The ASTEC Consulting Group, Inc.
Researched and compiled data having to do with the securities lending market. Made presentations to clients. Updated database information. Created webpages with pertinent information for the securities lending market. Used programs such as Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Dreamweaver, Firefox, Fireworks, STATA statistical software, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. Summer and academic year.

Atlantic Records, Sales
Produced the DMA, Charts and Market Conditions. Maintained the numbers for the Handelman account, weekly tabulations of Digital Music Sales figures and the weekly projection numbers for urban music. Fall.

Bank of New York Brokerage, Connectivity and Client Services
Facilitated the establishment of connections between BNY's traders and their clients; learned internally developed software applications for trading floor, trained traders on how to use them and wrote up user guides/manuals for them; performed market data analysis for site fees. Summer and fall.

Citigroup, Interactive Marketing
Developed ideas from a marketing prospective for the Smith Barney website. Also worked with the Citigroup ERI Project Team. Dealt with SEC settlement concerning the way in which Smith Barney is able to distribute information concerning different securities. Summer

Development Corporation of Israel , Internal Audit Department
Help run audits on various departments with the company. Summer and fall.

Fitch Ratings, General Management Dept.
Created reports about the different ratings divisions of the company. (commercial mortgage back securities, derivatives, corporates, etc.). Fall and spring.

HSBC Securities Inc., Treasury Credit
Assisted in limit management by monitoring and controlling exceptions on a daily basis. Summer

HSBC Bank USA , Operations
Co-managed Global Resourcing projects, participated in Vault Audits. Summer

Merrill Lynch, Office of General Counsel
Assisted attorneys with various projects (research federal, state, and local laws in order to review requests by Merrill Lynch employees to make political contributions and entertain government officials--essentially, determined whether the political contribution/entertainment of the government official was legal; updated Merrill Lynch's database on international companies in order to maintain investment accounts. Fall.

Morgan Stanley, Customer Service Group for US Listed Options
We are responsible for booking, clearance, and settlement of all US option trades for all of the firm's institutional customers, including some of the largest hedge funds and pension plans. Spring, Summer Analyst Program, fall.

NBC Universal, Cable Advertisement Sales
Assisted in maintaining their commercial deals (on the networks USA , Bravo, and SciFi) per the ad agencies' and customers' requests. Summer.

N.V. Perricone MD Ltd, Assistant to Logistics Manager
Created Excel spreadsheets for executive use. Maintained product inventory, did logistical work. Summer.

The Office of the Bronx Borough President, Adolfo Carrion Jr.
Responsible for writing two sections of the State of the Borough Address, conducted other economic analyses for campaign work. Spring.

Smith Barney, Cooper Network Retirement Planning
Cold Calling (prospecting). Also handled a $10,000 Portfolio Managed Account and put together Retirement Plans. Summer.

Thomson Financial, Buyouts Magazine
Wrote articles covering the private equity magazine. Summer.

U.S. Sixth Federal District Court with Chief Judge Sandra S. Beckwith
Researched relevant case law for pending motions, wrote recommendations for those motions, and created a database for the Judge's old bench notes. Summer.

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