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Welcome to Via Fordham!

The Via Fordham program provides promising permanent residents and international students a different path into an undergraduate college at Fordham University. Via Fordham is a unique opportunity to become a Fordham University student while gaining invaluable English language and intercultural skills through this immersive program.

As a Via Fordham student you will:

  • Strengthen the skills you need to perform well in college-level classes.
  • Earn college credits you can put toward your degree.
  • Live in New York City, meet locals, and discover American culture.

Spaces in Via Fordham are limited. Admission and placement at either the Advanced or Academic level are based on your Fordham University application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Advanced Level Academic Level
  • Two semesters of coursework required
  • 9 credits earned over two semesters
  • One semester of coursework required
  • 6 credits earned in one semester

Students who successfully complete the required coursework and pass the Fordham English Language Test (FELT) are eligible for admission into the undergraduate degree program for which they originally applied.

Enroll in Via Fordham

中文 Español
한국어 English

How to Enroll in Via Fordham

  1. Enroll in Via Fordham.
  2. Begin Via Fordham.
    • Join Via Fordham orientation on August 29-30, 2022.
    • Attend Via Fordham fall semester classes beginning September 1, 2022.
  3. Complete Via Fordham Classes.
    • Earn 6 to 9 academic credits in 1 to 2 semesters.
  4. Enroll at Fordham University.
    • Begin Fordham undergraduate studies in Spring or Fall 2023.
All documents are due May 1, 2022.
Enroll in Via Fordham

Via Fordham Enrollment

Here’s what you need to do to enroll:

  • Submit the Via Fordham enrollment form by clicking the link below.
  • Pay Tuition Deposit ($750)
  • Apply for a Student Visa

Via Fordham Fees and Deadlines

Total Tuition: $9,900 per semester. Program applicants are not eligible for financial aid.

To secure a space in the Via Fordham program, you must submit a deposit no later than May 1, 2022.

Tuition Deposit $750

To make your deposit payment, please

University Fees

The following 2021-2022 academic year fees are listed for reference.

Total Tuition $9,900 per semester
Housing $16,525 per academic year (Sample double room rate for students who have requested and been granted University housing)
Board $6645-$7,825 depending on the meal plan. Joining the campus meal plan is not required.
Medical Insurance $3600, per academic year
General Fee $510 per year
Technology Fee $506 per year
Late Payment Fee (Monthly) $15 or 1.5% on the outstanding balance, whichever is greater.

Important Dates

Enrollment Deadline May 1, 2022
Move-in to Fordham Housing August 28, 2022
Via Fordham Orientation August 29-30, 2022
First Day of Fall Semester Classes September 1, 2022
Last Day of Fall Semester Classes Decekber 9, 2022
Final Examinations December 13-22, 2022

Via Fordham Courses

Courses in the Via Fordham program emphasize communication skills needed for academic success. Successful completion requires maintaing a B+ average in classes and meeting the exit criteria of the Fordham English Language Test (FELT). Students take courses together in cohorts, and the schedule below provides an example of what a semester may look like. During the Advanced Semester, students earn 3 credits. During the Academic Semester, students earn 6 credits. Students who enter at the Advanced Level require two semesters of study, and they will earn a total of 9 credits when they complete both the Advanced Semeser and the Academic Semester.

Advanced Level (Semester 1) Sample Schedule

Course Contact Hours Credits
IALC 1160: Academic Reading and Writing 6 contact hours/week 0
IALC 1260: Academic Communication Skills 6 contact hours/week 0
IALC 2410: Intro to Intercultural Communications 3 contact hours/week 0
IALC 2420: Intro to Global Citizenship 3 contact hours/week 3

Academic Level / Advanced Level (Semester 2) Sample Schedule

Course Contact Hours Credits
IALC 1171: College Writing 3 contact hours/week 3
IALC 2300: Presentations and Public Speaking 6 contact hours/week 0

IALC 2304: Intro to World Religions (Fall) Or

IALC2409: New York Issues & Events (Spring)

3 contact hours/week 0
IIALC 1005: Service Learning Project 2 contact hours/week 0
MATH 1100: Finite Mathematics 3 contact hours/week 3


Via Fordham Student Visa Information

Applying for a Student Visa

To join the program, you must have a valid student (F-1) visa. To apply for the visa, you will need a Form I-20 issued through the Institute of American Language and Culture (IALC) at Fordham.

To receive a Form I-20, email the following documents directly to the IALC office

  • An Application for Certificate of Eligibility (AFCOE). The AFCOE shows the amount of money you are required to have to finance your studies and cover your living expenses while you’re in New York. It must be completed and signed by you or the person who will be supporting you while you study.
  • Proof of funds. This should be an original bank statement or letter in English verifying that the required amount of money will be available to you while you are in the United States.
  • A photocopy of your passport identity page.
  • Tuition deposit payment. Your enrollment is not complete until you pay the tuition deposit. Deadline: May 1, 2022.

Via Fordham Housing

Living on Campus

Limited housing is available on Fordham's campus in New York for students who have requested University housing.

Living on campus will help you:

  • Develop relationships with a diverse population of people
  • Develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills
  • Get more involved in campus leadership, organizations, and activities
  • Have more contact with faculty and staff members

Off-Campus Housing

For students who prefer to live off-campus, there are many options available. These include homestays, where international students are lodged with a local resident, and house shares, where several students might rent an apartment together. Students who live off-campus are entirely responsible for their living arrangements. Listings of off-campus housing alternatives on Fordham's website do not imply endorsement by Fordham University.