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Fashion Studies Minor

Fashion Studies is an interdisciplinary minor, weaving together cultural, commercial, and visual components. Students take six courses to complete the minor: one from each of the Commercial, Cultural, and Visual categories, and three electives which can be selected from a wide variety of courses hosted by departments across Fordham.

The courses listed below are a sampling of those that possess the FASH requirement, meaning they may be counted as Fashion Studies electives. For questions regarding whether or not a class will count towards the minor, please, do not hesitate to contact Allison Pfingst, the Fashion Studies administrator at

  • COMC 3174 Public Relations
  • COMC 3237 Gender Images and Media
  • FITV 2533 Fashion Costuming in Film
  • JOUR 2787 Fashion Journalism
  • JOUR 4767 History of Women’s Magazines
  • PSYC 3320 Consumer Behavior