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The Requisition

Expenditures should be planned sufficiently in advance to allow the Purchasing Department to obtain the best price and/or overall service.

The Requisition is the internal purchasing document that gets converted to a PO document.

The Requisition form is available online (on the Employee tab) or from the Duplicating Center.

The Requisition form is used to document what goods or services are being requested to be purchased and is completed by the department end user.

As per Fordham Policy: Requisitions are required for purchases of goods or services over $5,000.

The Requisition is a two-part form supplied by the Duplicating Centers at each campus.

  1. The Purchasing Department copy (yellow) – after filling out the Purchase Requisition Form obtain the necessary approval, then forward to the Purchasing Department (FMH 131).
  2. Departmental issuing copy (green) – keep this copy for your records.

The Requisition needs to contain the following information to be completed:

  • The items or service required with quantities needed.
  • The Department Name with address and phone number.
  • The Department FOAPAL to be charged.
  • The Delivery – Ship to Address and/or person to be contacted for delivery with a phone or cell number. Any details about delivery as well.
  • The Vendor requested - address and phone number –contact if available.
  • Documentation of the item(s) requested - quote, bid or task order (Facilities Dept)

** All Requisitions must be signed off by the appropriate Authorized Signatory Level. Purchases of over $10,000 must also be signed by the Dean/Chair or Vice President (see Authorized Signatures).

Purchases over $10,000 must also include a Justification Form or Bid Summary Form.

The Requisition is then sent to the Purchasing Department (FMH 131) to be reviewed, processed and entered into Banner for a Purchase Order to be created. Please do not send the Requisition to the Accounts Payable Department or the Controllers’ Office, as there will be a delay in processing.

A Requisition may be held up in Banner due to non-sufficient funds. Please make sure to have funds available, or there may be a delay in processing your order.

No Requisitions are to be sent to Vendors.