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National and International Recognition

Goal 4: Become nationally and internationally known as a model urban Jesuit research university.

A Global PerspectiveA Diverse and Inclusive CommunityA Strategic and Agile Institution

For over 175 years, Fordham has provided thousands of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with a transformative education enabling them to assume roles of leadership and to pursue lives of character and purpose. We proudly continue our tradition of providing access to higher education to those who have experienced social exclusion, including members of the largest and most successful HEOP program in New York State. Our faculty undertake cutting-edge research and ask perennial questions about ethics and values, often sharing their expertise in the global and national media.

Yet in the crowded marketplace of U.S. higher education, Fordham’s story and the achievements of our students and faculty are not always as widely known as we might hope. The initiatives that follow will enable the University to refine the presentation of our core identity and our means of communicating with internal and external constituencies. Sophisticated strategies to share our story will position the University for sustained growth by enabling us to cultivate partnerships and philanthropic relationships, celebrate student and faculty achievements, and disseminate research and insights.

Objective 4A Share Fordham’s mission, accomplishments, and discoveries with audiences on campus, in the city, and around the world.

Objective 4B: Expand Fordham’s global visibility through strategic mechanisms for engaging international markets.

Objective 4C: Enhance Fordham’s national reputation by becoming a model at preparing student-athletes for success on and off the field.