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Strategically Focused Research

Building our research enterprise and raising its profile worldwide will require us to make carefully considered choices—we can’t do everything and do it well--without compromising the expansive curiosity that is our Jesuit legacy. Continuing on this path will require us to make partnerships with other organizations the norm rather than the exception, and to be more resourceful in bringing faculty and students together at the crossroads of disciplines.

Fordham has great potential to leverage current strengths and build on its growing excellence in interdisciplinary scholarship and inter-professional pursuits by:

  • Establishing Fordham as a competitive research institution in strategically defined areas
  • Promoting faculty-student research collaboration
  • Significantly enhancing research resources

Strategically Focused Research

Related School and Division Specific Initiatives

Arts and Sciences

  • Enhance the ability of Arts and Sciences to deliver excellent graduate and undergraduate education.
  • Project a more unified voice for Arts and Sciences at Fordham.
  • Enable effective advocacy on behalf of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Cultivate a vibrant culture and sense of community across departments, programs, and campuses.
  • Ensure equity and consistency across campuses, clearly explaining and rationalizing differences in structures, policies, and processes where they exist.
  • Promote dynamism in academic programs and effective coordination of graduate and undergraduate education.
  • Expand opportunities for faculty and students alike to produce and share original research.
  • Expand opportunities and support structures for interdisciplinary research, teaching, and learning.
  • Consider specific revisions of policies, processes, and leadership positions to ensure a functioning institutional structure and to support strategic visioning and planning; and, where appropriate, provide stepwise proposals to advance these goals.
  • Foster the growth of faculty scholarship and teaching by advancing faculty renewal, development, and retention.
  • Support interdisciplinarity through renewed institutional structures.


  • Renovated science facilities, including a thorough renovation of John Mulcahy Hall and new forms of instrumentation and laboratory equipment described.
  • Continued renovation of Lowenstein Center space at Lincoln Center.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center

  • Increase student retention.
  • Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Further "Re-imagining Arts and Sciences.”
  • Support Faculty and Student Research.
  • Increase partnerships with Manhattan cultural institutions / curricular engagement with NYC.
  • Increase collaboration with professional schools (e.g., Gabelli, Law School, School of Education) to bolster opportunities for accelerated or dual degree programs.
  • Increase study abroad / global engagement.
  • Increase alumni engagement.
  • Heighten visibility of FCLC.

Fordham College at Rose Hill

  • Create an Integrated Academic Experience for FCRH Students.
  • Advance and Support STEM and Pre-Health.

Gabelli School of Business

  • Become known for knowledge generation via faculty and student research and doctoral education.

Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education

  • Develop highly qualified teacher-scholar-practitioners from diverse backgrounds who engage in public life to serve the academy, faith communities, and society.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

  • Advance knowledge creation that shapes the global conversation.
  • Promote student research, scholarship, and professional development.

Graduate School of Education

  • Enhance the stature of GSE as a nationally and internationally recognized research institution.
  • Expand community-based partnerships in order both to give and learn from the community in our pursuit of educational excellence.

Graduate School of Social Work

  • Develop implicit curriculum that is student-centered.
  • Support and promote GSS faculty as innovative educators and scholars.
  • Foster a strategic and nimble school.

School of Law

  • Anticipate the demands of a changing legal profession.
  • Increase our scholarly impact.
  • Bring Fordham Law School to new audiences.