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Accessibility at Fordham

Fordham University is committed to ensuring that our institution is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. We are diligently working towards addressing accessibility at the university-level. We established an Accessibility Committee in July 2019. The Committee will work to help make Fordham University a fully accessible institution.

Fordham University Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee is committed to providing fully inclusive learning, working, and living environments throughout its campuses at Fordham University. Our goal is to raise awareness that the accessibility needs of our students, faculty, and staff are the responsibility of the entire Fordham community. We will strive to ensure that the University provides the appropriate resources for all members of our community to engage with our content, pedagogy, technology, and facilities.

Strategic Goals

  • Educate the community on the importance of accessibility best practices and principles

  • Ensure the community (including visitors) can use, engage, and interact with our content, pedagogy, resources, and facilities

  • Encourage an ‘accessibility first’ perspective on a university-wide level including content and design from digital communication to physical construction

  • Identify areas where improvement and changes are needed and provide resources and assistance to those with disabilities

Additional information and resources will be shared as it is available.

Accessibility Committee Members

Tia Linder
Assistant Director of Online Communications, Office of Marketing and Communications
Co-Chair of the Accessibility Committee

Lindsay Karp
Senior Instructional Technologist, Fordham IT
Co-Chair of the Accessibility Committee

Nicholas Alongi
Head Access, Information and Collection Services, and Operations, Library Services

Marianna Balquiedra
Director of Web and Application Services, School of Law

Mary Byrnes
Director of Office of Disability Services, Office of Disability Services

Alan Cafferkey
Director of Faculty Technology Services, Fordham IT

Elizabeth Cornell
Director of IT Communications, Fordham IT

Stafford Davis III
Manager of Smart Technology Classrooms, Fordham IT

Beth Fagin
Deputy General Counsel, Legal Counsel

Nancy Hark
Assistant VP of Human Resources Operations and Employee Relations, Human Resources

Jessica Hawkins
Associate Director of Disability Services, Office of Disability Services

Jacob Olson
Web Communications Specialist, Office of Marketing and Communications

Annette Rapice
Assistant Director of Disability Services, Office of Disability Services

Kristopher Robinson
Assistant Director of Non-Tenured Track Personnel

Melanie Russell
Associate Director of Disability Services, Office of Disability Services

Rebecca Sanchez
Associate Professor of English

Gulay Siouzios
Manager of Employee and Labor Relations, Human Resources

Laura Wernick
Associate Professor of Graduate School of Social Service

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