Accessibility Committee Progress Report

The Accessibility Committee was formed in 2019 and consists of various members and stakeholders across the university. View the Committee Members and learn more about our Strategic Goals. This website was created to keep the Fordham community updates on progress and accomplishments to help make the university a fully accessible institution.

Working Groups

To focus on specific areas of need, we created subcommittees to work in smaller groups:

  • Academia (Faculty/Ed)
  • Web and Resource access
  • Accessibility Communication Group
  • Access and Culture
  • Technology and Equipment
  • Campus and Facilities

Committee members continued work as advocates and worked on accessibility issues in their area.

Collaboratively worked on writing a proposal to address specific Accessibility needs. The committee is working with key stakeholders to discuss implementing accessibility training and awareness programs.

Web Accessibility

The Committee partners with the University's Online Communications team and the Educational Technology team to assist students, faculty, and staff with ensuring their web content is accessible. Learn more about Web Accessibility, Accessible PDFs, and other Accessibility Resources.

Implementation of Accessibility Tools and Enhancements:

  • Closed Captioning / Transcripts - Google Meet,, MS Teams, Zoom
  • CART - TotalCaption
  • Panopto - captioning / VoiceThread - captioning
  • Bb Ally / SensusAccess / Virtualized Access to Acrobat DC on Apporto

Learn more about Web Accessibility

University-wide Accessibility Training

The University is committeed providing Accessibility Training to help ensure that we are a fully inclusive learning, working, and living environment.

Learn more about Accessibility Workshops