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Meet the RH Commuter Assistants

Welcome Class of 2024! We, the commuter assistant team, are excited to meet you and help you acclimate to college life. If you ever have any questions, you can always feel free to reach out to us at

Jeffany Acosta, she/her/hers

CA Jeffany Acosta

Commutes from: New York, NY by Subway

Fordham College at Rose Hill, Class of 2022

Majoring in Communications (Media) with a minor in Marketing

Involvement on campus: Off campus, I like to exercise on my own. To be more specific, I enjoy bike riding, running, and jump roping. Additionally, I enjoy doing yoga to detox and relieve stress. On campus, I intern at Office of Strategic Sourcing. I assist by generating purchasing documentation spreadsheets and email communication in the department.

Favorite food: My favorite foods in NYC is Spanish food. Specifically, Dominican food. I was born in Washington Heights so I usually get it there because I am familiar with most of their restaurants. I like to get empanadas, churrasco, pollo, platanos, etc... You also cant forget the chinola juice or the morir sonado!

Reece Brosco, he/him/his

CA Reece Brosco

Non-Tradiitonal Commuter Student (Off-campus)

Originally from Kalamazoo, MI

Fordham College at Rose Hill

Major: History and American Studies concentrating in Power, Politics, and Institutions

On-campus I am involved with Fordham's CCEL office. Taking part in programs such as Urban Plunge, College Access, and IFTJ. I am involved with the Social Innovation Collaboratory on the Our Story Team. Check out our new podcast Our Story Plugged on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! I am also a member of Fordham YDSA as well as Bronx/Upper Manhatten DSA.

Some on my favorite spots in NYC include: the courtyard at Fordham Lincoln Center - I like laying out there chilling between the buildings. The nex spot is Central Park around E86th near the MET - You can see the Egyptian room of the MET and the reservoir is pretty when it's dark. Laslty, the Fordham Plaza/up Fordham Road to Grand Concourse - The commotion of this area from 3-5 is a sight to behold >the 125th Metro-North stop - On a late-night headed home you can get a cool slighted elevated view of Harlem from the tracks

Sakshi Dadlani, she/her/hers

CA Sakshi Dadlani

Commutes from Lindhurst, New Jersey

Fordham College at Rose Hill, Class of 2021

Major: Biological Sciences (Pre-Health Track), Minor: Philosophy

Campus Involvement: I’ve been involved with FUSE in the past and have gotten involved with the Pre-Dental club and the Fordham Lean On Me chapter this year.

Favorite Area of NY: I really like the Columbus Circle area, Upper East Side, and the area around Washington Square Park. I usually visit museums, restaurants, or just hang out with my friends in those areas.

Fun Fact: I know this is kind of controversial but I enjoy pineapple (and jalapeños) on my pizza!

Bethany Fernandez, she/her/hers

CA Bethany Fernandez

Commutes from the Bronx, New York

Fordham College at Rose Hill, Class of 2022

Major: Computer Science

On Campus Involvement: Faculty Advisor Student Assistant , Marketing Coordinator for ASILI- The Black Student Alliance, Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

Favorite food in NYC? Two of my favorite spots are Grimaldi's Pizza right off the Brooklyn Bridge and Rosemary's in the West Village. I enjoy these spots because they use fresh ingredients.

Fun Fact: My favorite movies are Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Robots (2005).

Melisa Gjokaj, she/her/hers

Commutes from Roselle Park by Car

Gabell School of Business, Class of 2022

Major: Finance CA Melisa Gjokaj

Involvment: Albanian Club, Yankee Stadium, Business of Sports Society at Fordham 

Favorite spots in NYC: Central park (picnic), Blacktop (shakes), Times Square (shop)

My favorite Fordham memory would have to be winning the 2019 consulting cup completion! This is the biggest competition at Gabelli, and it is where I really grew and expanded my knowledge regarding the business world. I had the opportunity to really build great friendships with my teammates, and had a great time preparing for this competition. I was fortunate enough to be able to win and take home the first place medal! I also have my name engraved into the trophy which stays in Hughes forever. It’s something I’ll never forget and an accomplishment I’m really proud of! Now I can’t wait to be invited to the future panels where I can give advice and help future students succeed in this competition. 

Lily Keiley, she/her/hers

CA Lily Keiley

Non-Traditional Commuter (Off-Campus)

Originally from Rolling Prairie, Indiana

Fordham College at Rose Hill, Class of 2021

Major in History, Minor in Jewish Studies

I love feminist theory/discourse and debating it with women around nyc. Lots of fun and friendships involved with that. I love thrifting vintage clothes and restyling them (via sewing machine!) to my measurements/tastes. I love vintage clothes as I truly am against fast fashion and its impact upon the environment. I also love to do research regarding the gilded age, I feel its really mirrors today's society. This month I'm researching the Boston "Brahmin" who were the traditional elite families of New England. I like seeing the connections these people have to modern day figures. You'd be surprised how many public figures come from wealth. I love astrology, and I moonlight as a tarot card reader. I wanna go into the museum/library industry after college, so I love going to museums/libraries. I love exploring abandoned buildings (LEGALLY!) and watching youtube videos. Oh and I love walking with my dog (Maddie "moo"), we can walk for miles!

On Campus Involvement: I work at the call center, I do tours with the Rose Hill Society, I am part of the Environmental Club at LC, I work with Doc Naison on the Bronx African American History Project (BAAHP). Also this summer I'm working with the admissions department as a student worker, which is fun since I'm learning how to Zoom properly (hint---green screen!!!). I also in the past have worked in the Jewish Studies dept. through interning at the Jewish Heritage Museum downtown.

Alex Manigbas, he/him/his

CA Alex Manigbas

Commutes from Yonkers, New York

Gabelli School of Business, Class of 2023

Major: Business Administration with Concentrations in Marketing and Management

I participate in Fordham's Wrestling Club, where, as an experienced wrestler, I help guide others who are new to the sport. In addition, I also participate in Students for Fair Trade at Fordham, where we learn about and discuss global issues and ethical business practices.

My favorite food in NYC is the Slutsky Wrap sold at Rams Deli. This wrap consists of chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fries, and chipotle mayo. It is my favorite food to buy on a cheat day from being healthy since it is greasy, delicious and probably has a thousand calories. #supportlocalbusiness

Fun Fact: I am of mixed heritage. My dad is Filipino and my mom is Puerto Rican.

Lucianne Manigbas, she/her/hers

CA Lucianne Manigbas

Commutes From: Yonkers, NY by Car

Fordham College at Rose Hill, Class of 2021

Involvement on campus: I take part in the Rose Hill Society where I am a University Ambassador and Outreach Ambassador. This means I give small and large group tours and contribute media content to official Fordham platforms. I am also an Orientation Captain as a part of New Student Orientation for the upcoming fall, meaning that I will lead a team of Orientation Leaders as well as incoming students in the fall. Additionally, I was a part of the Leadership Initiatives Committee as the Leadership Weekend Coordinator.

Favorite Place to Eat in NYC: My favorite food in NYC is Pad See Ew from Topaz Thai in Midtown Manhattan. It is a short walk away from the Lincoln Center Campus and has been my go to restaurant since high school (my high school friends from Thailand say that this restaurant has the most authentic Thai food in the city). During lunch time, you can order Pad See Ew as a special with a side of spring rolls and a salad!

Mike Persaud, he/him/his

CA Mike Persaud

Commutes from Mount Vernon, NY by the Metro North

Fordham College at Rose Hill, Class of 2021

Major: Sociology / Minor: Political Science

On-campus I used to be involved with the Fordham Car Club but, not as much recently (if classes are held on campus in the Fall I'm going to try and see what happened to the club). However, I am a member of the Fordham Undergraduate Law Review. Off-campus I am an AVID tutor in the Mount Vernon City School District.

When I'm in New York City, I enjoy hanging out in Rockefeller Center with my family, especially around the holidays. I'm a pretty big nerd so I usually force my family members to visit the Nintendo Store and the Lego Store with me.

Flor Rodriguez, she/her/hers

CA Flor Rodriguez

Traditional Commuter

Gabelli School of Business, Class of 2023 (Internal Transfer from Fordham College)

I was a member of ASILI during the Fall Semester and during the Spring semester I did work study as a clerk in Walsh Family Library's Electronic Information Center. Off-campus, I enjoy finding new local restaurants.

Some of my favorite foods in NYC are bacon, egg, and cheese and pizza. You can get bacon, egg, and cheese at your local bodega and I I like it because its typical of New York. You can't the same flavor anywhere else.

Kanak Shah, she/her/hers

Ca kanak shah

Non-Traditional Commuter (Off-campus)

Gabelli School of Business, Class of 2021

Major: Business Administration with a primary and secondary concentration in Finance and Information Systems

Involvement on campus: Gift of Life (A bone marrow registry) United Student Government (Dining Committee) Fordham Career Ambassador (FCA, Career Sevices) Global Transition (A program for international students)

Favorite part about the city? Walking and shopping in SOHO lets you experience Nyc, its vibe and its people Sounds cliche but the walk/bicycle ride on Brooklyn bridge is calming for the soul. I enjoy attending broadway shows as well!

Ryan Staunton, he/him/his

CA Ryan Staunton

Commutes from: Bronxville, NY by Metro-North Railroad

Fordham College at Rose Hill, Class of 2023

Majoring in Political Science, with a concentration in American Politics. Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Involvement on campus: Besides going to commuter events, I try to stay active in SEAJ (Students For Environmental Action & Justice) When I'm off campus, I have work some small shifts at a local bookstore in my town that I work in with my friends.

Favorite spot in NYC: One of my favorite spots to hang out in NYC would be Gantry Plaza Park in Long Island City, Queens. The park goes along the coast of Queens, and has really beautiful views of Manhattan across the East River. Also, when it's warmer out they have platforms where you can lay down and picnic.