RH Commuter Assistants

Fordham Students in Fordham Commutes Shirts.

In order to support incoming commuter students at Fordham University Rose Hill, Commuter Assistants (CAs) maintain ongoing contact with their freshmen student groups throughout the year. The intent is for first-year commuters to become effectively integrated into Fordham and the campus as a whole by building community and participating in campus events.

Commuter Assistants

  • Provide guidance and support you while transitioning into and succeeding at the university.
  • Assist you with Fordham’s resources by responding to first-year commuter questions and concerns.
  • Helping you become effectively integrated into the campus community as a whole by building relationships and participating in campus events.
  • Assisting in the development of events, programs, and community meetings for commuter students.

Commuter Assistant Stay in Contact by:

  • Regular in-person meetings
  • Telephone and text message check-ins
  • Email correspondence
  • Attending on and off-campus events

Commuter Assistants are Responsible for:

  • Programming commuter-related events
  • Conducting workshops for first-year commuter students
  • Keeping office hours in the Student Lounge so they are easily accessible

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