Academic Integrity Tutorial

The Academic Integrity Tutorial is an online presentation designed to help students understand issues related to academic integrity in general, and the Undergraduate Policy on Academic Integrity in particular. It explores what it means to plagiarize, cheat, and misrepresent scholarly work with examples and interesting illustrations. In addition, the Tutorial provides strategies that can be used to improve academic efforts and avoid committing academic offenses.

The deadline for completing the Tutorial for 2015-2016 is Friday, September 18, 2015. All incoming freshmen must complete and pass the Academic Integrity Tutorial by the deadline in order to receive the special six-digit advising PIN needed to register for the spring semester.


    • The tutorial consists of 8 chapters.

    • In the first chapter, you will be asked six questions as a preliminary assessment of your knowledge of basic research skills and academic integrity. In the final chapter, you will be asked 10 post-assessment questions to evaluate your progress.

    • The heart of the tutorial consists of the six chapters in the middle. You will meet students who are writing papers, working on laboratory experiments and collaborating on a group project. Each group faces research and ethical issues. Over the course of each chapter, you will be asked to answer a number of questions applicable to the students’ situations.

    • Give each question serious thought. If you work at a dedicated pace, this tutorial should take you approximately one hour to complete.
  • To login to the tutorial:

    • After you login to Blackboard, you will be directed to your personal Welcome Page.

    • Under My Courses, click the link to the Academic Integrity Tutorial

    • Click the link Click here to take the Tutorial on the Tutorial/Academic Integrity Tutorial page

    • Click Submit under Begin.

    To work on the tutorial:

    • When you have finished reading a page, click the Next>> link to move forward.

    • When you have selected an answer to a question, click the Submit button to submit your answer and move forward.

    To logout of the tutorial:

    • Simply click the Logout link at the bottom of the page and then logout of Blackboard.
    • Do not use your browser's navigation bar, especially the Back and Refresh buttons. These will not work properly and may interfere with your progress.

    • You do not need to complete the tutorial in one sitting. The program will save your progress so that when you come back at a later date you will be able to pick up where you left off. If you need to logout, it is recommended that you wait until you have completed your current chapter.

    • At the bottom of each page there are three helpful links. If you get stuck and need help, you can click on Instructions to open these instructions in a new window. If you need to leave the tutorial before completing it, click Logout to close the tutorial window and return to Blackboard. Use the View Completed Chapters link to review material in any chapter that you have already completed.

    • You will often be asked to link to outside sites for additional information or guidance. Remember that each link will open a new window. You must close that window, or switch between windows, to return to the tutorial.

    • All answers are randomized, so you will need to re-read the question and answers each time.

    • Please contact your FASA or your Freshman Advisor if you need assistance.