Class Recording Notice and Related Policy

Students are informed that both in-person and remote courses may be recorded and made available for students to review after class and for those students who may have missed the class session due to illness, emergency or for other reasons. Advance notice must be provided by the instructor that a course or particular session is being recorded (e.g. at the beginning of class, in the syllabi, by posting in the classrooms, or by other means). Although the recording of class sessions is encouraged, the decision as to whether to record a class session will be in the discretion of the instructor.

Such course recordings are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Recordings must be accessible only to the instructor or students enrolled in the course at the time of the recording and only for the duration of the course. Recordings that include the voice, image, or other identifying characteristic of any students may not be shared outside the course by the instructor without the written consent of those students prior to any dissemination.

Students may not download, copy, or permit anyone who is not in the class to view or listen to the recording. Students are not permitted to record class sessions themselves unless the Office of Disability Services has approved an accommodation that allows for such recording. Failure to adhere to this policy may subject the student to sanctions.

The University will not make use of these recordings for any purposes such as evaluation of instruction, investigating allegations of misconduct, or other non-instructional purposes.