Find A Ram Roommate

The Office for Student Involvement uses the services of three different websites for Off-Campus Housing options: "Places 4 Students," "ABODO Apartments," and Diggz Roommate Finder. To view the list of available apartments near Fordham University, please use either of the following links: Places 4 Students - Fordham University, ABODO Apartments - New York, or Diggz Roommate Finder. You can also call Places 4 Students at 866-766-0767.

On-site, the Office for Student Involvement and the United Student Government have sponsored a Community Posting Board. Local apartment listings may be posted by Fordham faculty, staff, administrators, and students. Outside community members also occasionally post apartment rental information. The posting policy for this board is noted on the board.

** Note: This is not University-sponsored housing. It is not intended as a referral service, nor does Fordham University endorse or recommend the selection of any particular property, location, or roommate. It is expected that you will bear personal responsibility for using this service.