Meet the RH CSA Executive Board

Welcome to Fordham University, class of 2028! We want to give a warm welcome to each of you by introducing the Commuting Students Association’s 2023-2024 Executive Board so that you will know our faces, who we are and how we are involved with campus. You can apply for CSA when applications go out in the Fall! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us: [email protected]

CSA RH Executive President

Hector Cruz of the Commuting Students Association.

Hector Cruz, Executive President

What’s up! My name is Hector Cruz. I am a senior at Fordham College Rose Hill and commute from the Pelham Gardens area of the Bronx. Transitioning from Zoom classes and events to in-person interactions was challenging, but CSA and its dedicated members gave me the community I needed to grow into who I am today! This organization has inspired me to work just as diligently as Executive President to create positive experiences for the lost commuters out there and make commuter life at Fordham easier and more enjoyable. You can catch me most often around campus playing volleyball, volunteering, or doing homework in McShane while eating a Ram’s sandwich.

CSA RH Executive Vice President

Kellen Zeng of the Commuting Students Association.

Kellen Zeng, Executive Vice President
[email protected]

Hi! I’m Kellen Zeng, a junior at the Gabelli School of Business where I am pursuing a major in Business Administration with Concentrations in Marketing and Digital Media & Technology, as well as a minor in Political Science. Currently, I serve as the Commuting Students Association’s Executive Vice President. As a student with a 4 hour daily commute from Staten Island, I regularly face the challenges that come with being a commuter. CSA has provided a space in which I can make a difference on campus by implementing policies, organizing events, fostering community, and improving the overall commuter student experience. I look forward to continue doing this work during my time at Fordham, and hope you consider joining as well!

CSA RH Executive Treasurer - Fall 2023

Tracy Zhang of the Commuting Students Association.

Tracy Zhang, Executive Treasurer - Fall 2023

Hello, my name is Tracy Zhang. I’m a sophomore commuting from the Bronx. Currently, I serve as one of the Commiting Students Association’s Executive Treasurer. As a commuter myself, CSA is a great opportunity to help other students like me on campus, which is why I joined this organization. I’m not only able to meet more commuters through CSA, but also help solve problems that we face throughout our college years here.

CSA RH Executive Treasurer - Spring 2024

Sabina Zheng of the Commuting Students Association.

Sabina Zheng, Executive Treasurer - Spring 2024

Hi everyone, my name is Sabina Zheng and I commute from Manhattan. I am a junior studying Applied Accounting and Finance at the Gabelli School of Business. I will be CSA’s Executive Treasurer for the Spring 2024 semester as I am studying abroad in London during the Fall. Previously, I was the Freshmen Board Program Coordinator as well as the Executive Program Coordinator during my sophomore year. I joined CSA in hopes of finding a community where I can grow along with my peers. Since joining CSA, I have met so many amazing people and it has really been a pleasure being able to give back by planning events. I look forward to what’s to come next and hope you will join us in our journey!

CSA RH Executive Programming Coordinator - Fall 2023

Crystal Wu of the Commuting Students Association.

Crystal Wu, Executive Programing Coordinator - Fall 2023

Hi! My name is Crystal Wu and I am a junior at Gabelli School of Business. I currently serve as CSA’s Executive Program Coordinator. Back in my freshman year, I hardly ever made it to campus events because they were either too late or conflicted with my schedule. Others experienced the same issue, and we missed many opportunities to create incredible experiences and meet new friends. With that being said, as the Executive Program Coordinator, I am excited to create more exciting, inclusive, and accessible events for the commuting student population!

CSA RH Executive Programming Coordinator - Spring 2024

Oscar Zeng of the Commuting Students Association.

Oscar Zeng, Executive Programing Coordinator - Spring 2024

Hello everyone! My name is Oscar Zeng, and I’m excited to connect with all of you as a transfer student from South Florida. As someone who has experienced the challenges of being both a transfer student and a commuter, I understand how difficult it can be to make and maintain meaningful relationships in a new environment like Fordham University. However, I believe that fostering a sense of community is essential for every student's well-being and overall college experience. That's why I decided to get involved with the Commuter Student Association (CSA) as the sophomore board treasurer. Through my role in CSA, I've had the opportunity to connect with other commuters and work towards enhancing the commuter experience at Fordham. From organizing engaging events to advocating for commuter-friendly policies, CSA has been a platform for me to contribute and make a difference. But my commitment to building a strong community for commuters doesn't stop there. I am thrilled to announce that in the Spring of 2024, I will be taking on the role of Executive Program Coordinator. This new position will allow me to expand my impact and further support the needs of commuters at Fordham University. As the Executive Program Coordinator, I am determined to create memorable events and programs that cater to the diverse interests and preferences of our student body. Whether it's organizing networking opportunities, hosting social gatherings, or coordinating workshops on important topics, my goal is to provide meaningful experiences that bring students together, foster connections, and make Fordham feel like a second home. Together, we can cultivate a sense of belonging that transcends the boundaries of geographical location and enriches the lives of all Fordham students. Look forward to having a great semester.

CSA RH Executive Class Programming Coordinator

Sophia Fernandez of the Commuting Students Association.

Sophia Fernandez, Executive Class Programming Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Sophie Fernandez and I am currently a senior at FCRH double majoring in Political Science and English, on the pre-law track. Currently, I serve as the Executive Class Programming Coordinator for the Commuter Student Association. For the past 3 years, I have been commuting from Whitestone, Queens to Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus everyday and I am the first person to say it is not easy! However, starting to attend CSA events on days I was on campus really helped me find a community here at Fordham and I hope that new commuter students really take advantage of what this association has to offer. It has not only opened doors for me academically, but it has also really helped me feel welcome at Fordham. Also, if anyone is taking Ground Floor come the Fall semester, you might find me to be your Teaching Assistant! Can’t wait for everything to come!

CSA RH Executive Marketing Coordinator

Allison Moy of the Commuting Students Association.

Allison Moy, Executive Marketing Coordinator

Hi, my name is Allison Moy and I am a junior in the Gabelli School of Business. I serve as the Executive Marketing Coordinator on CSA’s Executive Board. I believe it is so important that commuter students feel that they are part of the community at Fordham and one important way to do this is to make sure information is reaching everyone. I am looking forward to make this happen and ensuring you all are aware and up to date on any important plans and fun events that we will be working on this year.

CSA RH Executive Outreach Coordinator

Tatianna Portillo of the Commuting Students Association.

Tatianna Portillo, Executive Outreach Coordinator

Hi! My name is Tatianna Portillo and I am currently a senior majoring in Economics. I currently serve as CSA’s Executive Outreach Coordinator! I commute from the South Bronx by bus. CSA has been part of my college experience since my freshman year and I’ve grown more fond of it year by year. I joined because I wanted to create a more accessible and welcoming environment for commuters on campus and provide events at commuter friendly times! I also love connecting with other commuters and think this is a wonderful way to listen to others’ concerns and find some solutions for them.