Grants and Funding for Commuters

There are financial rewards for commuting to Fordham!

Fordham University offers the Metro Grant to undergraduate commuting students, which significantly discounts tuition. To be eligible for the Metro Grant, you must be an incoming freshman or a transfer student commuting from your permanent residence in New York City or its surrounding areas, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and enrolled full-time.

Every commuting student who meets the eligibility requirements will receive an award. Students eligible for a Metro Grant and a scholarship will receive the higher of the two awards. The Metro Grant is renewable for up to eight academic year semesters (Fall and Spring) for eligible students who continue to commute from their permanent residence and maintain satisfactory progress towards their degree.

For more information about the Metro Grant or other financial aid, call Student Financial Services at 718-817-3800. For more information about work study opportunities, contact Student Employment at 718-817-3820.