Dangerous Situations

Dangerous Situations

Campus danger is unlikely. Nonetheless, among the potentially dangerous scenarios that should lead you to contact Public Safety immediately are the following:

  • You see someone with any type of weapon.
  • You hear unusually loud noises in your immediate vicinity.
  • You are subjected to physical assault, threats, attack, sexual assault, robbery or any other crime/offense.
  • A student threatens to assault you or someone else.

If you hear unusually loud noises:

  • If possible, seek safety in an area that can be locked from the inside. Note that most classrooms cannot be locked from the inside.
  • After contacting Public Safety, remain on the line, providing them with as much pertinent information as possible, so they can reach you quickly. Pertinent information would include the location and the nature of the noise and possible weapons involved.

In the unlikely event of being taken hostage:

  • Do not confront or challenge the perpetrator.
  • Remain as calm as possible.