Housing Accommodation Request Form

Students may request a housing accommodation if they have a qualified medical condition or psychological/medical disability defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Housing requests must be specifically requested from the Office of Residential Life by the student requesting consideration. Only completed requests will be shared and reviewed by, if necessary, the Offices of Residential Life, University Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Disability Services and/or Dining Services. Requests submitted by the specified deadlines will be reviewed prior to assignments being made. Requests submitted after the specified deadlines will be reviewed, but accommodations cannot be guaranteed. Students completing this form may be contacted by the Office of Disability Services in order to process this request.

This request form needs to be completed and returned to your Office of Residential Life:
Rose Hill / Louis Calder Center: Office of Residential Life at Rose Hill Phone: (718) 817-3080 | Fax: (718) 817- 3097 | email: resliferh@fordham.edu


Housing Accommodation Form


Please submit to the Office of Residential Life NO LATER THAN these deadlines:

New Students:
July 1 for Fall Semester
December 15 for Spring Semester

Continuing Students: 
March 15 for following Fall Semester
November 15 for upcoming Spring Semester