Facilities Management at Lincoln Center

Facilities management is responsible for the physical aspects of McMahon and McKeon halls; while Residential Life takes care of the students and the students’ well-being.

Notifying Facilities

Facilities management must be notified of all building emergencies at night via the Watch Engineer. The Watch Engineer is reachable via the Public Safety security office situated at the main desk at either McMahon or McKeon halls. An emergency is a continuously flushing toilet, clogged toilet, or no water at the faucet. A dirty smoke detector can be considered an emergency because the beep is very annoying. Weekend emergencies should also be handled through the Watch Engineer. Please contact Public Safety for these types of emergencies and they will be able to notify the mechanic on duty.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety in a New York City high rise is very different from a single-family home. Unless you are escaping flames in your apartment, you should just stay put. Never attempt to move around the building during a fire emergency. A fire at McMahon Hall or McKeon hall will usually be contained within a single room by the sprinkler system, however, the heat and smoke travel throughout the building, usually upward. Also, the water from a sprinkler head can cause extensive damage to apartments below.

The Fire Safety Director holds audio fire drills once a month. The Fire Safety Director and Security run the fire drills.


Each American generates 4.4 pounds of garbage a day. Typically, at McMahon Hall, the trash is papers, aluminum cans, take out containers, and food scraps. It is very important environmentally to separate the biodegradable food scraps out from the aluminum and take out containers. Urge your students to use excess paper as scrap paper or reload one-side paperback into their printer trays. Newspapers and magazines should be piled in the newspaper bin to recycle them.

Services provided by Facilities

Work Orders

Residents should complete a work order form located on the home page of the Residential Life-LC website. Facilities staff members are on call to correct and prevent mechanical and electrical problems in all areas and will make repairs between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. While you will not be notified when a Facilities staff member visits your room to inspect and make repairs, the staff will always knock before entering a room. Your cooperation with the Facilities Office will ensure prompt attention to problems and efficient maintenance.


The Residence Hall will receive extermination services in all public areas on a weekly basis on Wednesday. If your apartment requires the services of an exterminator, please complete a work order online through the Office of Residential Life’s website.

Equipment provided by Facilities

Residents may sign out vacuum cleaners by leaving their ID in the Residential Life Office between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. or in the RA Office between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Due to a limited number of vacuums, please do not keep the vacuum longer than one hour. By vacuuming weekly, you can ensure a long life for your carpet, and create a more pleasing atmosphere.

Your key opens only your apartment door and your bedroom door, not the other bedrooms. The front door locks automatically. Be sure to carry your key! Do not keep your door open by "throwing" the bolt or altering/obstructing the locking mechanism or doorjamb. This causes a fire hazard, causes unnecessary wear on your door and prevents you from having the security of a locked door. Doors that are found in violation will be locked and a fine will be assessed.

To lock your bedroom door: Close the door tightly. Turn your key counter-clockwise until it stops. Pull the key out and your door is locked.

To unlock your bedroom door: Turn the key clockwise until it stops. Push down on the handle or turn the knob and open the door.

A replacement key is $15, so take care when carrying your key. You must fill out a work order to have it replaced. In some situations, the lock may need to be changed and you will be charged an additional fee. Keys may not be transferred or loaned to any other individual.