Racial Solidarity Network

The Division of Student Affairs invites you to join the Racial Solidarity Network, a network open to all Fordham University community members who would like to demonstrate their active commitment to creating a campus environment that is open and welcoming to all students, in keeping with the Jesuit tenet of Cura Personalis (care for the whole person) and the principle that all persons should be treated with dignity and respect, which is explicit in Catholic teaching.

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Racial Solidarity Network: Goals

  • Promote an environment in which each member of the University community feels welcomed and valued.
  • Provide an opportunity for the Fordham community to increase empathy, awareness, and understanding around the complexities related to race and the unique lived experiences people share as racial and ethnic beings.
  • Promote a culture of inclusion where students, faculty, and staff, can reflect on their own racial and ethnic identity, question privileges and biases they may have, and think about race and ethnicity in more complex ways in order to better understand the unique challenges facing Fordham students, be aware of appropriate resources, and to investigate opportunities to challenge systemic racism.

Racial Solidarity Network: Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Racial Solidarity Network training, participants should be able to:

  • Actively work toward promoting an environment in which each member of the University community is welcomed and valued.
  • Utilize the tenet of Cura Personalis to develop an understanding of how to support underrepresented racial and ethnic students at Fordham University and serve as a resource for those students.
  • Be familiar with a historical overview related to race, ethnicity, and racism within the context of the United States.
  • Stimulate honest self-reflection and explore various ways that race, racism, internalized dominance, and internalized oppression impact their lives.
  • Be willing to be recognized as a person who has participated in this training and joined the Racial Solidarity Network