Important Campus Emergency Telephone Numbers

Emergency Information Telephone Lines

877-375-HELP (4357)
800-280-SNOW (7669)

Rose Hill

Department of Public Safety (TH Annex): 718-817-2222
F.U.E.M.S. (Emergency): 718-817-2222
Counseling Center (O'Hare Hall): 718-817-3725
Dean of Student Services (MGC 224): 718-817-4350
Director of Residential Life (ACN Bsmt): 718-817-3080
Health Center (O'Hare Hall): 718-817-4163
Off-Campus Shuttle (TH Annex): 718-817-2222
Dean of Students (MGC 242): 718-817-4755

Lincoln Center 

Public Safety Supervisor: 212-636-6076
Main Public Safety Desk (LL Lobby): 212-636-6075
Public Safety Desk (Law): 212-636-6975
Public Safety Desk (LCR Lobby): 212-636-7111/7112
Counseling Center (140 G02): 212-636-6225
Dean of Students (140 G33): 212-636-6250       
Director, Residential Life (LCR 108): 212-636-7100    
Health Center (140 G16): 212-636-7160   

400 Westchester Ave  

Emergency Telephone #
Public Safety Supervisor: 914-367-3001
Public Safety Desk: 914-367-3333
Dean of Students: 212-636-6256
Disability Services: 718-817-0655


Lincoln Center (20th Precinct): 212-580-6411
Rose Hill (48th Precinct): 718-299-3900
(52nd Precinct): 718-220-5811
400 Westchester Avenue (Harrison PD): 914-967-5110

Emergency Only: 911

Additional Resources

: Fordham University Emergency Medical Service

Rose Hill: 718-817-2222

Lincoln Center: 212-636-6075

F.U.E.M.S. is a New York state-certified ambulance corps comprised of student volunteers who respond to emergencies within the Fordham community. A certified emergency medical technician is present on every response. It is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service during the academic year and can be requested through the Department of Public Safety. F.U.E.M.S. provides free ambulance transportation for the Fordham community to and from local hospitals. Fast Care, a division of St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital is utilized at Lincoln Center.

Counseling Center

Rose Hill: 718-817-3725

Lincoln Center: 212-636-6225

The center helps all members of the Fordham community in their personal growth
and understanding through individual and group meetings of a confidential nature.

Health Center

Rose Hill: 718-817-4160 

Lincoln Center: 212-636-7160

The University Health Center - located in O'Hare Hall at Rose Hill; in the 140 West 62nd Building at Lincoln Center, room G16 - is available to all students, year-round, with shorter hours during the summer semester and vacation periods. The health center staff includes nurse practitioners, registered nurses and a doctor (limited hours).

The Services Provided are:

  • Diagnosis and care of illness       
  • On-campus emergency treatment      
  • Immunization      
  • Physical exams
  • Allergy injections
  • Women's health care
  • Lab tests
  • Health education