Ram Path Safety Corridor

Ram Path Safety Corridor logo

Ram Path is a program that has been implemented by Fordham Public Safety, in collaboration with our local merchants  to provide an enhanced level of reassurance for our students by creating a safety corridor along sections of Fordham Road and Arthur Avenue.

If a student is walking within the Ram Path Safety Corridor and requires assistance or is uneasy with their surroundings just look for the Ram Path Decal, (shown on the right), on a participating merchant's door or window, and go inside. The merchant will call Fordham Public Safety if you are unable to, and you may remain in the store while a Public Safety patrol vehicle responds immediately to your location to render assistance.

We encourage our students, faculty and staff to support the local businesses that participate in the Ram Path Program as a sign of our appreciation for being partners in keeping the Belmont neighborhood/Little Italy business district a safe neighborhood in the Bronx.

 We encourage local businesses to become our partners in safety by participating in the program. Please email Ronald Mercandetti at [email protected] if you have any questions or are interested in the program.