Guide for Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Reporting Student Incidents

Care for the student by providing a supportive response.

Being an active listener is the first step toward providing a supportive response. Be patient, non-judgemental, empathetic, and focused on the direction the student wants to take the conversation. Allow for windows of silence, as this gives the student an opportunity to compose their thoughts. When it is time for you to speak, questions like, “Is there anything I can do to help?” create another opportunity for students to determine the direction of the conversation. Finally, you are not expected to act as their professional counselor. You can simply assist the student with the academic needs you customarily address with your students. Any concern or need extending beyond that should be referred to trained administrators (see the “Contact” section below). For those items, simply inform the student that “a trained University administrator will contact you to discuss your rights, your options, and the resources available to you.”

Communicate the limits of confidentiality.

Unless you are a member of Counseling and Psychological Services, Campus Ministry, or University Health Services, you have a duty to report sexual or related misconduct to the appropriate individuals, even if the student asks that you not tell anyone. For this reason, it is best to inform the student of your duty to report as early in the conversation as is reasonable. The purpose of your duty to report is to make sure students receive timely notice of the full range of rights, options, and resources available to them at the University.

Contact any of the following offices below to submit a report.

After you contact any of the individuals/departments below, the student will be assigned an Administrative Support Person (ASP) to assist them.


For Any Emergency or Report, You Can Contact the Department of Public Safety 24/7/365:

Rose Hill: (718) 817-2222  Lincoln Center: (212) 636-6075  Westchester/Calder Center: (914) 367-3333


For Non-Emergencies, Contact the Following During Business Hours:

For Incidents Occurring Between Students:

Any Campus:
Michele Burris
Keating Hall 100
(718) 817-4750
[email protected]

Rose Hill and Calder Center:
Christopher Rodgers
Campbell Hall 124
(718) 817-4755
[email protected]

Lincoln Center and Westchester:
Jenifer Campbell
140 West 62nd St., G33
(212) 636-6250
[email protected]


For Incidents Involving Faculty, Staff, Administrators, or Third-Parties:

Kay Turner, Esq.
Vice President for Human Resources and Interim Title IX Coordinator
Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 212
(718) 817-0181
[email protected]

For additional information, please go to, or see the Campus Assault and Relationship Education brochure at