Guide for Individuals Who Recently Experienced Sexual Assault

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault:

1. Remain calm, find a safe place, and get help from someone you trust.

2. Do not change clothes, shower, use the restroom, or destroy any clothing. A rape or sexual abuse survivor should try to remain in the same condition as when the attacker left.

3. Seek immediate medical attention. The following hospitals conduct rape examinations:

  • Rose Hill: North Central Bronx Hospital | 3424 Kossuth Ave., Bronx, NY | 718-519-5000
  • Rose Hill: Jacobi Medical Center | Pelham Parkway South, Bronx, NY | 718-918-5000
  • Lincoln Center: Mt. Sinai Roosevelt Hospital  | 59th St. on Ninth and Tenth Aves., New York, NY | 212-523-6800
  • Westchester and Calder Center: Westchester County Medical Center | 100 Woods Rd., Valhalla NY | 914- 493-7000

You can also contact Public Safety, the Health Center, or Student Affairs staff who can assist you in getting medical attention.

The Health Center is also available to provide pregnancy tests and tests for sexually transmitted infections upon request.

4. After the incident, you may suffer from acute emotional stress. The University has various support services and can also refer you to off-campus resources that can assist and support you.